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Secret of The Vedas By Sri aurobindo

Integral Yoga Literature - By Sri Aurobindo Selections from the Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library from Volume 10, The Secret of the VedaSecrets of the Vedas

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Relationship With The Divine

Relationship with the Divine

All is relative except the Supreme. The Supreme alone is absolute; but as the Supreme is at the centre of each being, each being carries in himself his absolute.

After all, it is very simple, we have only to become what we are in the depths of our being.
18 May 1954
There is nothing more beautiful than to unite with the divine Consciousness.
One is sure to find what one seeks ― if one seeks it in all sincerity; for what one seeks is within oneself.

None can say to the Divine, “I have known Thee'', and yet all carry Him in themselves, and in the silence of their soul can hear the echo of the Divine's voice.
13 November 1954
One can live the Divine even though unable to express the Divine, one can realise and be the Divine's infinity though unable to define or explain the Divine.
15 December 1954
For him who is in union with the Divine, everywhere is the Divine's perfect felicity, in every place and in every circumstance it is with him.
17 December 1954
Page 19
Communion with the Divine: for him who has it, all circumstances can truly become an opportunity for it.

The joy of perfect union can come only when what has to be done is done.

“To conquer the Divine is a difficult task.'' I think I have not understood this sentence properly.

Take conquer in the sense of “acquisition'' or “possession''. You might say ― the conquest of the Divine's consciousness is a difficult task.
Commentary: For human beings to become conscious of the Divine and to possess His nature is difficult.

As we progress and purify ourselves of our egoism, our friendship with the Divine becomes more and more clear and conscious.

Friendship with the Divine: delicate, attentive and faithful, ever ready to respond to the smallest appeal.

Closeness to the Divine will always grow with the growth of consciousness, equanimity and love.
Page 20
God cannot be taken by violence. It is only through love and harmony that you can reach God.
Be in peace ― my blessings are with you.
13 July 1966
Attachment for the Divine wraps itself around the Divine and finds all its support in Him so as to be sure never to leave Him.

Affection for the Divine: a sweet and confident tenderness that gives itself unfailingly to the Divine.

Intimacy with the Divine: complete surrender to the Divine and total receptivity to His influence, without any conditions to this intimacy.

Intimacy with the Divine in the physical is possible only for the one who lives exclusively by the Divine and for the Divine.

Intimacy with the Divine in the vital: only a pure, calm and desireless vital can hope to have access to this marvellous state.

Intimacy with the Divine in the psychic: the natural state of the fully developed psychic.
Page 21
Integral intimacy with the Divine: the entire being no longer vibrates except with the Divine's touch.

It pleases Him to be like that. He is like that.
And simply, the secret is to be in the “it pleases Him''.
Not to be only what is objectified; to be also in That which objectifies. That is everything.

The Omnipresent, Eternal Spirit remains immutably One. The various ways of serving and understanding It make no difference to Its Reality.

(Types of relationships)

The Lord and his Shakti
God and his devotee
The father and his child
The master and his disciple
The Beloved and Lover
The Friend and co-worker
The child and his mother

To give oneself to the Divine, to receive and be the Divine, to transmit and spread forth the Divine: these are the three simultaneous movements which constitute our total relation with the Divine.

The Meaning Of Ramadhan

[Yusufali 2:185] Ramadhan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur'an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong). So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting, but if any one is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period (Should be made up) by days later. Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put to difficulties. (He wants you) to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful.

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The Birds And Flowers Are Receptive

Life could be so marvelously simple and beautiful .... Man has really made it idiotic-THE MOTHER

And this Consciousness can explain wonderfully (not with words: by making you have experiences one side by side with the other). For example, many people say they can't realize the difference between an aspiration, a spiritual effort, and a desire; for them the two are hard to tell apart in the sensation; this Consciousness explains it, and shows you, gives you the one and the other, and the difference - wonderful! Wonderfully exact. Now the body KNOWS, it knows perfectly well the difference - and it's a huge difference-between aspiration or effort, the vibration that makes you become a thing or obtain a thing, and desire. Now the body knows. It knows. It has had such a demonstration in every detail with food .... For a very long time the body has been quite indifferent to food (that's probably the reason), but it has been given a demonstration with one thing, the relationship with that thing; it has been shown how desire is and how the harmony is that makes the thing beneficent. So as to understand clearly, it has also been shown how total indifference isn't good either - it's not like that, neither desire nor total indifference, neither this nor that, but like this (Mother seems to follow a tiny vibration with her fingertip): in a certain way, with a certain vibration, the thing you take is neutral (that is, it can't harm you, it's neutral); if you take the same thing with a certain vibration, it's beneficent; and then, the body is shown how vibrations of desire are disastrous - all of it in detail. Tiny little things, but so <125> clear, so precise! ... It takes place while you're eating, so it's perfectly concrete.
It's a mentor, this Consciousness. It knows, mon petit! It knows loads of things that men don't know!
All that goes on in people, their reactions, their movements ... And it's in contact with birds, in contact with flowers - they respond, birds respond very well .... It's really interesting, one could write very interesting things, but there are too many of them! ..april9th,1969

The Power Of Love

Bea, a three-year-old giraffe, and Wilma, an ostrich, share a moment at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida's 65-acre Serengeti Plain. Just as they do on Africa's plains, the animals usually hang out with their own species. But recently, zoo keepers at Busch Gardens noticed the unlikely pair that just can't seem to get enough of one another.

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Motherly Love

(NECN/CCTV) - A dog has successfully reared a piglet on a farm in Guizhou Province, Chinese State Television reports.

China Central TV broadcast video of the dog carrying the piglet around the farm in its mouth, and showed the piglet snuggling up to its surrogate mum.

State media said the piglet was one of a farrow of 13 pigs, but the sow was unable to produce enough milk for the litter.

The other 12 piglets died, but this piglet survived after receiving milk from the dog, according to the CCTV report.

Meanwhile, in Heilongjiang Province, CCTV also filmed a flock of ducklings that had been adopted by a farmyard hen.

The hen kept the eggs warm until the ducklings were ready to hatch.

The ducklings now follow their surrogate mother around the farmyard.

CCTV said the farmer was concerned that the hen may abandon her surrogate flock when the ducklings learn to swim.

There was no information available on the mother duck.

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The Hippie Movement:Part3

The Mother
Volume 10
April 16, 1969
(Mother listens to a few pieces of pop music brought to her by François B., an enthusiastic visitor)
It's very amusing! (Mother laughs)
It's the vital in full revolt against the mind, but it's magnificent! They reject the whole mind. It's interesting, very- interesting!
You get the feeling that if they pushed a little farther on (gesture of piercing above), they would catch something.
(François B.:) Mother, a few groups have pushed much farther on. This one [the Rolling Stones] is the most vital of all the groups. But there are others, more open, less rough. They are really ready to recognize you, but they don't know.
It's clearly a complete rejection of all mental rules, and that's the first step needed to go beyond. There are two or three minutes when suddenly - hop! (gesture of piercing through) you feel it contacts something above.
Is there something else?
(F.B.:) A lot more!
(Laughing) You can give me another piece or two!
(Mother laughs, greatly amused) It strikes me as a band of children freed from any mental yoke! Very amusing.
It's all right.
(F.B.:) I'd like to have you hear something else, another kind. But from the same generation. Something gentler.
All right ... But it's very amusing! There is behind this a mental form that looks like the I-couldn't- care-less of the perpetual Smile! It's strange .... I mean, that which smiles at the whole life and all its forms, but as if seen and felt by children. <132>
("Music" of a sober kind)
These are more anxious!
(F.B.:) Another piece, if you like?
I think it'll do! (Mother laughs)
(F.B.:) There's a group which sings something rather humorous, and at the end they say, "0 Mother, tell me more, tell me more ... ... It's fantastic! Because the inspiration is so pure, and they really ask, "0 Mother, tell me more ... ...
(Mother laughs)
And these are "Commercial" things, I mean they're there in the public .... Do you think the time has come to contact them?
(Mother has not heard the question)
It's an open door. They must step through the door and go into the future (gesture of piercing above), towards ... what has not yet manifested.
(F.B.:) Can we help them?
It opens a lot of doors. All habits, the whole past civilization is as if walled in by mental rules; this music (gesture of breaking through) sends them flying! It strikes me as a band of children crying for something-and the open door.
They must step through it, they must go farther - there are now possibilities that weren't there before, and this [the pop music people] is precisely all that wants to open up so as to receive those possibilities. So a few in the front must be the first to go through and receive what's on the other side.
It's good.
(Satprem:) He would like to put them in touch with the Ashram ...?
All aren't ready. <133>
(F.B.:) I don't want to tell them to come here ...
... but I want to tell them that something is taking place here which is in relation with what they don't have.
Yes. (Laughing) They've broken the walls to go through to the other side! It's true.
(F.B.:) But, Mother, it's the problem of this whole generation ....
(F.B.:) And I think we can perhaps give them the information we have. At least show them, give them things to read ...
Reading is still too mental!
But we could also, if you think it can be done, form a little group, or maybe just one individual, or two or three, to go and see them.
That's right.
And speak their language, but to show them there is something else.
Yes, that's right.
Mother, I am - I was - deep in this "Pop" world, and to come here, all I had to do was ... to decide to come. And all I've been able to see or learn since I came here is great joys and confirmations of the aspiration I had before. But there are many like me, who go round in circles and rebel ...
And if they are told, "There's this," they're ready to change their action completely ....
And to become very pure and devoted. <134>
It's good. So you must take up that mission.
(Mother lays her hand on FB.s head)
It's good.
I'll do all I can.
(To Satprem:) Oh, you know, I asked this Consciousness what was needed to receive it without distorting it, and it answered me (Mother reads out a note):
"One must be able to stand in the light of the Supreme Consciousness without casting a shadow."
(Satprem:) Without casting a shadow, yes.
That's what it replied.
(F.B.:) That is, forgetting oneself completely?
(Satprem:) Being totally transparent.
But that's all the way up! (Mother laughs)
(To Satprem:) He's leaving for Bombay to do some good work.
(F.B.:) I hope so.
It's very interesting (Mother points to her note): there was the experience of the Consciousness, the light of the Consciousness ....
Very well, here (Mother gives François B. a "blessings packet"), it's to keep in your pocket, always. It's a good means of communication, in the sense that if you hold this and concentrate, I KNOW and I answer. There.
(All this time, F.B.'s wife and their forty-day-old baby were quietly sitting in a corner. Mother looks at the baby.)
Oh, we shouldn't wake this up! ... Adorable! Look at this, if it isn't lovely ...

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The Hippie Movement:Part2


But yesterday I saw one of them, a Frenchman who works in Auroville and who's been very much in touch with the people of this new "pop" music (you know, this new music movement that goes with the hippies). He's the father of A., who was born in Auroville.
Yes, I am going to see him for his birthday. <110>
He came to see me and have me hear this music. [[It was by the Rolling Stones. ]]
How is it?
Odd ... It's barbarian.
Barbarian, but my impression was, "The barbarians of the new world."
(Mother laughs) I'll hear a little on the 16th when I see him.
Those who make this music have millions of followers. They are people with a huge fortune, and with cinema, radio, television and everything at their disposal. And they are right in the middle of a revolution.
Yes, as I told you, the barbarians of the new world. The entire old world is swept away. It's really the beginning of something, which expresses itself in a very barbarian way, but which is something. So this boys idea is to try to get in touch with those people and turn them towards Auroville. Because, of course, they have millions and millions of followers - they have a tremendous power (power over the masses). And they have something, but it's barbarian.
I'd be interested to hear some once, so as to know ... but I don't need to hear a lot.
That's what I told him.
I need a few minutes of it.
Exactly. He wanted to have you hear it for an hour!
(Mother laughs heartily, silence)
I've often wondered what's the true attitude towards all those people who come and see me ....
You could be in meditation. (Ironically) You'll make a reputation for yourself as a sage!
And when I speak with them, very strangely, there's a sort of warrior in me, and some people give rise to reactions: I feel like striking. Sometimes it's quite brutal, I don't know why. It comes and strikes. With others, on the contrary, I am very tranquil. Some tell Me, "You're hard!" ...
Has it always been like that? It's not since this new consciousness came? Since the beginning of this year?
Last year, too.
Because I've noticed that in this Consciousness there is something like that: suddenly it comes, oh! and it feels like striking.
Especially when I contact mental pettiness.
The people who play this music, are they the same who take drugs?
Then it must be in the vital.
Oh, it's quite vital, no doubt. But they have the perception that the world is in the midst of a revolution, that we're moving towards a new world, and all the old conventions have to be swept away. There's no conformity of any sort. They're open to everything.
Open like that (horizontal gesture), not like this (vertical gesture).

The Hippie Movement:Part1


All the youth, those who are 16, 17 or 20 now, who seem to be going completely mad, well, in reality, all those young people NO LONGER WANT the present Machinery -- they don't want it anymore. So they do foolish things....
They take drugs, they do all sorts of foolish things.
Oh, even worse than that, mon petit! They've become murderers.[[Mother is probably alluding to the Naxalites of Calcutta. ]]
Yes, there are all sorts of things, but in spite of everything, I feel it's a good sign, that the movement is going to increase more and more and that the whole Machinery of the men of yesterday is going to collapse -- the social and political machinery and all the rest....
For instance, I see many of those so-called hippies, you know, those wanderers, those young people who have turned their backs on society, who do all sorts of foolish things; well, several times I took one aside and simply spoke to him the language of Truth, and he understood at once! He had simply never been told anything.
All those people have never been told the true thing. And I have the feeling that all the so-called lost youth isn't lost at all! It needs only to receive the true word.
Yes, but who's going to give it to them?
Well, I don't know, Mother. If I had the power, I would do it willingly. But the miracle is still possible with these people.
Yes. Yes, but ... there has to be someone to say it.
Yes, there should be a Vivekananda for Sri Aurobindo.
(Mother laughs, very amused)
And their reversal could be effected swiftly and easily, I'm sure. You see, they're not perverted, they're simply ... they don't know.
That's what you should call for, Mother: a great inspired man.
That's what you should call for.
But I've been calling him for a long time.
Yes, Mother, a great inspired man with physical strength.
Yes, oh, yes!
It has to be someone physically solid.
Oh, yes!
(Mother looks, then goes within for a long time)
All the time, day and night, like this (Mother holds her clenched fists in front of her as though pulling or calling the Force).
It is a world event. It is not the event of one country [Bangladesh], it is a world event. And that's why....source

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15th Of August 2009

When in your heart and thought you make no difference between Sri Aurobindo and me, when to think of Sri Aurobindo will be to think of me and to think of me will mean to think of Sri Aurobindo inevitably, when to see one will mean inevitably to see the other, like one and the same Person, -- then you will know that you begin to be open to the supramental force and consciousness.
from Volume 13, Words of the Mother, pp.1-354 March 1958

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After Rotating Clockwise

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Let's Take A Closer Look

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"The Maulvi made me listen to a most entertaining sermon on religion. That Hinduism and Islam have the same basic principles: in the Omkara of the Hindus we have the three syllables, A, U, M; the first three letters of the Holy Koran are A, L, M. According to philological laws, U is used for L; ergo, Hindus and Musulmans have the same mantra or sacred syllables."
(excerpt from Sri Aurobindo's prison life")

Soul Power

In Sri Aurobindo's words:
Each Yoga in its process has the character of the instrument it uses; thus the Hathyogic process is psycho-physical, the Rajayogic mental and psychic, the way of knowledge is spiritual and cognitive, the way of devotion spiritual, emotional and aesthetic, the way of works spiritual and dynamic by action. Each is guided in the ways of its own characteristic power. But all power is in the end one, all power is really soul-power.

Prophet MUhammad(PBUH) Was A Supreme Yogin

He who surrenders to the Supreme with complete faith and dependence and without making any claims, all responsibility for his own good or harm, weal or woe, virtue or sin; he who wants to act according to His behests instead of being attached to works dear to his own heart; who accepts the impulsions received from Him instead of satisfying his own propensities; who puts to use in His work the qualities and inspirations given by Him instead of eagerly hugging at the qualities admired by himself—it is that selfless and faithful Karmayogin who becomes the Supreme's dearest friend and the best vehicle of His Power; through him is accomplished flawlessly a stupendous work for the world. Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was a supreme yogin of this type. Arjuna too was ever on the alert to make an effort at this self-surrender; this effort was the cause of Sri Krishna's love and satisfaction. He alone who makes a serious effort at self-surrender is the best fitted to receive the
Gita's teaching. Sri Krishna becomes his Teacher and Friend and takes over all responsibility for him in this world and in the next.
(excerpt from Sri Aurobindo's "The Gita An Introduction")

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Remote Controlled Mayhem Doesnt Win Wars

Remote-controlled mayhem does not win wars.

by Williams S Lind

Van Creveld’s book Technology and War, a historical survey, concludes that very few wars have been decided by technology. Boyd sums up the reason: “Weapons don’t fight wars, people do, and they use their minds.”
One consequence of this fact is that most high-tech weapons systems have simple, low-tech counters. A classic example comes from the “McNamara Line” in the Vietnam War, a collection of high-tech sensors in the jungles that was supposed to pick up any Viet Cong movements. One sophisticated sensor was designed to detect human odors. The VC countered it by hanging buckets of urine in trees.
The Taliban’s most successful counter to the Predator is of similar simplicity. They make sure that when they gather and thus provide a good target, they have plenty of women and children around. In effect, they say, “Go ahead, make my day.”
Because complex weapons are expensive, they are usually in service for a long time, sometimes decades. Soon after their introduction, most if not all of their operating characteristics are known, especially in the age of the Internet. Our opponents can invent and deploy generations of simple countermeasures during the lifetime of one high-tech system. They are “outcycling us,” in Boydian terms: they can go through many cycles of observing, orienting, deciding, and acting against our systems while the systems go through only a single cycle. Boyd argued that there are few more certain prescriptions for defeat.
In contrast, simple systems, such as those our Fourth Generation opponents rely on, can go through many Boyd cycles in a comparatively short time. We see this face on display in Iraq and Afghanistan with the deadly weapon we face, the Improvised Explosive Device. Our opponents continually and rapidly invent and deploy new generations of IED, with new warhead designs, triggering mechanisms, and camouflage techniques. The U.S. has a multibillion-dollar top-priority program to counter them, most of it focused on high-tech solutions. (Again, think budget justification.) It has had small successes, but if you ask many of our troops what their mission is, they reply, “Driving around and waiting to get blown up.”

Khandana Bhava

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Yeehah!!Democracy Just Kicked In!!

The Balochistan Dossier Controversy

NEW DELHI: As the Manmohan Singh government faces flak for allowing the mention of Pakistan's "concerns" about Balochistan in the joint statement

the prime minister signed in Egypt, Islamabad seems determined to compound his difficulties. (
Watch ) On Wednesday, Pakistani media carried reports quoting official sources suggesting that Singh agreed to the mention of Balochistan when his Pakistani counterpart Yousaf Raza Gilani confronted him in Sharm el-Sheikh with a dossier detailing India's covert subversion in the restive province of Balochistan. +

July 22, 2009

Pakistan slaps India with evidence of RAW’s involvement in Terrorism in Pak.

Dan Qayyum

ISI Chief Shuja Pasha has summoned his Indian Counterpart, K C Verma for a meeting through the Indian defence attache in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad.The Indian government has not responded to ISI’s request yet, and is reportedly assessing the implications of a possible meeting carefully.After the July 16 Sharm el-Sheikh joint statement between India and Pakistan, India fears that Pakistan would use this meeting as a forum to expose Indian connections with terrorists in Balochistan and Baitullah Mehsud’s Tehreek-e-Taliban
Gilani - whatever else might be his game - was not wrong about the perception on the issue in Pakistan. Indian peace activist and Magsaysay award-winner Sandeep Pandey, just back from a visit to Pakistan, says: "Manmohan Singh has merely acknowledged something which is common knowledge in Pakistan." It is not something unknown to concerned Indian agencies and quarters close to them, either...source

The Tipaimukh Dam Controversy

As India and Bangladesh engage in a heated debate about an Indian-planned dam project, experts disagree about the consequences for Bangladeshi people and the environment, Animesh Roul reports for ISN Security Watch.
By Animesh Roul in New Delhi for ISN Security more

Tipaimukh Dam Is A Geo-tectonic Blunder Of International Dimensions
By: Dr. Soibam Ibotombi (Dept. of Earth SciencesManipur University)
Introduction:The proposed Tipaimukh dam is to be located 500 metres downstream from the confluence of Barak and Tuivai rivers, and lies on the south-western corner of Manipur State (24°14¢N and 93°1.3¢E approximately). It is a huge earth dam (rock-fill with central impervious core) having an altitude of about 180 M above the sea-level with a maximum reservoir level of 178m and 136m as the MDDL (minimum draw down level). The dam was originally conceived to only contain the flood water in the Cachar plains of Assam but later on, emphasis has been placed on hydroelectric power generation, having an installation capacity of 1500MW with only a firm generation of 412MW (less than 30 per cent of installed capacity). In order to appease the people of Manipur state, the project proponent, NEEPCO, has been building up a list of benefits that include high-class tourism, free power sharing, resettlement and rehabilitation package and an all round rosy picture of more