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The Hippie Movement:Part3

The Mother
Volume 10
April 16, 1969
(Mother listens to a few pieces of pop music brought to her by François B., an enthusiastic visitor)
It's very amusing! (Mother laughs)
It's the vital in full revolt against the mind, but it's magnificent! They reject the whole mind. It's interesting, very- interesting!
You get the feeling that if they pushed a little farther on (gesture of piercing above), they would catch something.
(François B.:) Mother, a few groups have pushed much farther on. This one [the Rolling Stones] is the most vital of all the groups. But there are others, more open, less rough. They are really ready to recognize you, but they don't know.
It's clearly a complete rejection of all mental rules, and that's the first step needed to go beyond. There are two or three minutes when suddenly - hop! (gesture of piercing through) you feel it contacts something above.
Is there something else?
(F.B.:) A lot more!
(Laughing) You can give me another piece or two!
(Mother laughs, greatly amused) It strikes me as a band of children freed from any mental yoke! Very amusing.
It's all right.
(F.B.:) I'd like to have you hear something else, another kind. But from the same generation. Something gentler.
All right ... But it's very amusing! There is behind this a mental form that looks like the I-couldn't- care-less of the perpetual Smile! It's strange .... I mean, that which smiles at the whole life and all its forms, but as if seen and felt by children. <132>
("Music" of a sober kind)
These are more anxious!
(F.B.:) Another piece, if you like?
I think it'll do! (Mother laughs)
(F.B.:) There's a group which sings something rather humorous, and at the end they say, "0 Mother, tell me more, tell me more ... ... It's fantastic! Because the inspiration is so pure, and they really ask, "0 Mother, tell me more ... ...
(Mother laughs)
And these are "Commercial" things, I mean they're there in the public .... Do you think the time has come to contact them?
(Mother has not heard the question)
It's an open door. They must step through the door and go into the future (gesture of piercing above), towards ... what has not yet manifested.
(F.B.:) Can we help them?
It opens a lot of doors. All habits, the whole past civilization is as if walled in by mental rules; this music (gesture of breaking through) sends them flying! It strikes me as a band of children crying for something-and the open door.
They must step through it, they must go farther - there are now possibilities that weren't there before, and this [the pop music people] is precisely all that wants to open up so as to receive those possibilities. So a few in the front must be the first to go through and receive what's on the other side.
It's good.
(Satprem:) He would like to put them in touch with the Ashram ...?
All aren't ready. <133>
(F.B.:) I don't want to tell them to come here ...
... but I want to tell them that something is taking place here which is in relation with what they don't have.
Yes. (Laughing) They've broken the walls to go through to the other side! It's true.
(F.B.:) But, Mother, it's the problem of this whole generation ....
(F.B.:) And I think we can perhaps give them the information we have. At least show them, give them things to read ...
Reading is still too mental!
But we could also, if you think it can be done, form a little group, or maybe just one individual, or two or three, to go and see them.
That's right.
And speak their language, but to show them there is something else.
Yes, that's right.
Mother, I am - I was - deep in this "Pop" world, and to come here, all I had to do was ... to decide to come. And all I've been able to see or learn since I came here is great joys and confirmations of the aspiration I had before. But there are many like me, who go round in circles and rebel ...
And if they are told, "There's this," they're ready to change their action completely ....
And to become very pure and devoted. <134>
It's good. So you must take up that mission.
(Mother lays her hand on FB.s head)
It's good.
I'll do all I can.
(To Satprem:) Oh, you know, I asked this Consciousness what was needed to receive it without distorting it, and it answered me (Mother reads out a note):
"One must be able to stand in the light of the Supreme Consciousness without casting a shadow."
(Satprem:) Without casting a shadow, yes.
That's what it replied.
(F.B.:) That is, forgetting oneself completely?
(Satprem:) Being totally transparent.
But that's all the way up! (Mother laughs)
(To Satprem:) He's leaving for Bombay to do some good work.
(F.B.:) I hope so.
It's very interesting (Mother points to her note): there was the experience of the Consciousness, the light of the Consciousness ....
Very well, here (Mother gives François B. a "blessings packet"), it's to keep in your pocket, always. It's a good means of communication, in the sense that if you hold this and concentrate, I KNOW and I answer. There.
(All this time, F.B.'s wife and their forty-day-old baby were quietly sitting in a corner. Mother looks at the baby.)
Oh, we shouldn't wake this up! ... Adorable! Look at this, if it isn't lovely ...

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