Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Tipaimukh Dam Controversy

As India and Bangladesh engage in a heated debate about an Indian-planned dam project, experts disagree about the consequences for Bangladeshi people and the environment, Animesh Roul reports for ISN Security Watch.
By Animesh Roul in New Delhi for ISN Security more

Tipaimukh Dam Is A Geo-tectonic Blunder Of International Dimensions
By: Dr. Soibam Ibotombi (Dept. of Earth SciencesManipur University)
Introduction:The proposed Tipaimukh dam is to be located 500 metres downstream from the confluence of Barak and Tuivai rivers, and lies on the south-western corner of Manipur State (24°14¢N and 93°1.3¢E approximately). It is a huge earth dam (rock-fill with central impervious core) having an altitude of about 180 M above the sea-level with a maximum reservoir level of 178m and 136m as the MDDL (minimum draw down level). The dam was originally conceived to only contain the flood water in the Cachar plains of Assam but later on, emphasis has been placed on hydroelectric power generation, having an installation capacity of 1500MW with only a firm generation of 412MW (less than 30 per cent of installed capacity). In order to appease the people of Manipur state, the project proponent, NEEPCO, has been building up a list of benefits that include high-class tourism, free power sharing, resettlement and rehabilitation package and an all round rosy picture of more

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