Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Motherly Love

(NECN/CCTV) - A dog has successfully reared a piglet on a farm in Guizhou Province, Chinese State Television reports.

China Central TV broadcast video of the dog carrying the piglet around the farm in its mouth, and showed the piglet snuggling up to its surrogate mum.

State media said the piglet was one of a farrow of 13 pigs, but the sow was unable to produce enough milk for the litter.

The other 12 piglets died, but this piglet survived after receiving milk from the dog, according to the CCTV report.

Meanwhile, in Heilongjiang Province, CCTV also filmed a flock of ducklings that had been adopted by a farmyard hen.

The hen kept the eggs warm until the ducklings were ready to hatch.

The ducklings now follow their surrogate mother around the farmyard.

CCTV said the farmer was concerned that the hen may abandon her surrogate flock when the ducklings learn to swim.

There was no information available on the mother duck.

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