Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Hippie Movement:Part2


But yesterday I saw one of them, a Frenchman who works in Auroville and who's been very much in touch with the people of this new "pop" music (you know, this new music movement that goes with the hippies). He's the father of A., who was born in Auroville.
Yes, I am going to see him for his birthday. <110>
He came to see me and have me hear this music. [[It was by the Rolling Stones. ]]
How is it?
Odd ... It's barbarian.
Barbarian, but my impression was, "The barbarians of the new world."
(Mother laughs) I'll hear a little on the 16th when I see him.
Those who make this music have millions of followers. They are people with a huge fortune, and with cinema, radio, television and everything at their disposal. And they are right in the middle of a revolution.
Yes, as I told you, the barbarians of the new world. The entire old world is swept away. It's really the beginning of something, which expresses itself in a very barbarian way, but which is something. So this boys idea is to try to get in touch with those people and turn them towards Auroville. Because, of course, they have millions and millions of followers - they have a tremendous power (power over the masses). And they have something, but it's barbarian.
I'd be interested to hear some once, so as to know ... but I don't need to hear a lot.
That's what I told him.
I need a few minutes of it.
Exactly. He wanted to have you hear it for an hour!
(Mother laughs heartily, silence)
I've often wondered what's the true attitude towards all those people who come and see me ....
You could be in meditation. (Ironically) You'll make a reputation for yourself as a sage!
And when I speak with them, very strangely, there's a sort of warrior in me, and some people give rise to reactions: I feel like striking. Sometimes it's quite brutal, I don't know why. It comes and strikes. With others, on the contrary, I am very tranquil. Some tell Me, "You're hard!" ...
Has it always been like that? It's not since this new consciousness came? Since the beginning of this year?
Last year, too.
Because I've noticed that in this Consciousness there is something like that: suddenly it comes, oh! and it feels like striking.
Especially when I contact mental pettiness.
The people who play this music, are they the same who take drugs?
Then it must be in the vital.
Oh, it's quite vital, no doubt. But they have the perception that the world is in the midst of a revolution, that we're moving towards a new world, and all the old conventions have to be swept away. There's no conformity of any sort. They're open to everything.
Open like that (horizontal gesture), not like this (vertical gesture).

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