Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Birds And Flowers Are Receptive

Life could be so marvelously simple and beautiful .... Man has really made it idiotic-THE MOTHER

And this Consciousness can explain wonderfully (not with words: by making you have experiences one side by side with the other). For example, many people say they can't realize the difference between an aspiration, a spiritual effort, and a desire; for them the two are hard to tell apart in the sensation; this Consciousness explains it, and shows you, gives you the one and the other, and the difference - wonderful! Wonderfully exact. Now the body KNOWS, it knows perfectly well the difference - and it's a huge difference-between aspiration or effort, the vibration that makes you become a thing or obtain a thing, and desire. Now the body knows. It knows. It has had such a demonstration in every detail with food .... For a very long time the body has been quite indifferent to food (that's probably the reason), but it has been given a demonstration with one thing, the relationship with that thing; it has been shown how desire is and how the harmony is that makes the thing beneficent. So as to understand clearly, it has also been shown how total indifference isn't good either - it's not like that, neither desire nor total indifference, neither this nor that, but like this (Mother seems to follow a tiny vibration with her fingertip): in a certain way, with a certain vibration, the thing you take is neutral (that is, it can't harm you, it's neutral); if you take the same thing with a certain vibration, it's beneficent; and then, the body is shown how vibrations of desire are disastrous - all of it in detail. Tiny little things, but so <125> clear, so precise! ... It takes place while you're eating, so it's perfectly concrete.
It's a mentor, this Consciousness. It knows, mon petit! It knows loads of things that men don't know!
All that goes on in people, their reactions, their movements ... And it's in contact with birds, in contact with flowers - they respond, birds respond very well .... It's really interesting, one could write very interesting things, but there are too many of them! ..april9th,1969

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