Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Psychic Being Is The Supramental Being

Then I said to myself (possibly it is always so, I do not know, but here I noticed it very clearly), I said to myself, "But it is the psychic being, it is that which will materialise itself and become the supramental being!"-THE MOTHER

July 1, 1970

(Satprem reads out the conversation of June 27 - "a very slight shift of consciousness" - which Mother thought could be used for the "Notes on the Way.")
Is that all? I said only this much?.... I thought I had said something interesting - it's not very interesting.
Yes, it is! There are lots of things in it!
There's always so much MORE than what can be read! I really felt I had said something, and now it seems like nothing at all!
When I read it aloud, it's not so good, but when you read it for yourself and go within a little, you clearly feel...
Yes, in YOUR case. But for one like you who reads like that, there are a thousand who read on the surface.
Not everyone!
Anyway ... It doesn't matter.
Soon afterwards
I had an experience which I found interesting, because it was the first time. It was yesterday or the day before (I forget), R. was here, just in front of me, kneeling, and I saw her psychic being towering above by this much (gesture about eight inches), taller. It's the first time. Her physical being was short, and the psychic being was tall, like this. And it was a sexless being: neither man nor woman. So I said to myself (it may be always that way, I don't know, but at that time I noticed it very clearly), I said to myself, "But the psychic being is the one that will materialize and become the supramental being!"
I saw it, it was like that. There were distinctive features, but not very pronounced, and it was clearly a being that was neither male nor female, that had features of both combined. And it was taller than her, it exceeded her on every side by about this much (gesture extending beyond the physical being by about eight inches). She was here, and it was like this (gesture). Its color was ... this color that, if it became very material, would be Auroville's color [orange]. It was softer, as if behind a veil, it wasn't absolutely precise, but it was this color. And there was hair, but ... it was something else.
Another time maybe I'll see better.
But I found it very interesting, because that being seemed to tell me, "You're wondering what the supramental being will be - here it is! Here it is, this is it." And it was there. It was her psychic being.
Then one understands. One understands: the psychic being will materialize ... and it gives a continuity to evolution.
This creation gives you a clear impression that nothing is arbitrary, that there is a sort of divine logic behind, which isn't like our human logic, but highly superior to our logic (but it exists), and that logic was fully satisfied when I saw that.
It's odd, it was also when R. was here that I had that experience of the supramental light going through within [Mother] without causing any shadow. [[See Agenda X of April 16 and May 3, 1969. ]] R. has something like that, I don't know.... And this time, it's really interesting. I was quite interested. It was there, tranquil, and saying to me, "But you're after ... well, here it is, this is it!"
So then, I understood why the mind and the vital were sent away from this body, and the psychic being was left (naturally, it was the psychic being that governed all movements earlier, so it was nothing new, but there were no more difficulties: all the complications coming from the vital and the mind, which add their imprints, their tendencies, it was all gone). So I understood: "Ah, that's it, it's this psychic being that is to become the supramental being."
I had never bothered to know what it looked like. But when I saw that, I understood. And I see it, I still see it, I have kept the memory. Its hair almost looked red, strangely (it wasn't like red hair, but it looked like it). And its expression! Such a fine expression, gently ironical ... oh, extraordinary, extraordinary!
You understand, my eyes were open, it was an almost material vision.
Then one understands! All at once, all questions vanished, it became very clear, very simple.
And the psychic is precisely what lives on. So if it materialized, it means doing away with death. But "doing away" ... what's done away with is only what's not according to the Truth, that's what goes away - all that's incapable of being transformed in the image of the psychic, of being part of the psychic.
That's really interesting.
Do we have time for some Savitri?
Yes, Mother. In the last verses, Savitri said:
Let those who were tied to body and to mind,
Tear off those bonds and flee into white calm
Is it Savitri who says that?
Yes, Death told her one must leave one's body in order to find God's height....
(Mother translates the sequel)
But how shall I seek rest in endless peace
Who house the mighty Mother's violent force,
Her vision turned to read the enigmaed world,
Her will tempered in the blaze of Wisdom's sun
And the flaming silence of her heart of love?
The world is a spiritual paradox
Invented by a need in the Unseen,
A poor translation to the creatures sense
Of That which for ever exceeds idea and speech,
A symbol of what can never be symbolised,
A language mispronounced, misspelt, yet true....
Savitri, X.IV.647-648
Is there more?
Yes, there is more.
(those were the last line of the Debate of Love and Death Mother was to translate)

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Law Of Balance

"In this Day the Straight Path is made manifest, the Balance of divine justice is set and the light of the sun of His bounty is resplendent "...

[Yusufali 55:7] And the Firmament has He raised high, and He has set up the Balance (of Justice)-The Quran

[Yusufali 55:9] So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance.-The Quran

Sri Aurobindo : ( kept silent for some time and then said) There is no such general law. The thing is that the Asura can’t keep balance. The law that demands balance then strikes.

Sri Aurobindo: There is a Greek saying that when one becomes too powerful he becomes insolent and commits excesses and then that strikes against the throne of God and then the retribution begins.
The leader of the former dominant party was not like that. He never lost sense of balance, and never pushed things too far. When his lieutenants asked him to arrest his political opponents he refused.

Disciple: Hitler also has a precipitous rise, he can’t maintain the momentum. He can’t last very long.
Sri Aurobindo: There is another famous Greek story about the tyrant of Syracuse. Do you know it?

Disciple: No.

Sri Aurobindo: This tyrant wanted to make friends with another tyrant of Sicily. Both belonged to Sicily. The latter replied: You are too fortunate. You must sacrifice something or have some little misfortune to compensate for your fortune, otherwise, I can’t ally myself with you. The tyrant of Syracuse – Polycrites – threw his most precious ring into the sea as a sacrifice to compensate for his fortune. The ring was swallowed by a fish and that fish caught by a fisherman who brought to him. He got back the ring. The other tyrant heard about it and said: You are too lucky. I shall never ally myself with you. Polycrites was afterwards killed by his people in revolt. “The ring of Polycrites” is a proverbial expression in English.
The Roman poet says: the Titans fall by their own mass. There is a similar idea in India when it is said: the Asuras are too heavy for the earth to bear their weight. But some Asuras are clever enough to flourish in spite of proverbs
Disciple: Can it be said that the Asuras by their action contradict the law of evolution or that they contradict something fundamental in human nature?

Sri Aurobindo : ( kept silent for some time and then said) There is no such general law. The thing is that the Asura can’t keep balance. The law that demands balance then strikes.
note:”asura” means beings of falsehood

Source:Purani A. B.
Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo
The Third Series