Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Hippie Movement:Part1


All the youth, those who are 16, 17 or 20 now, who seem to be going completely mad, well, in reality, all those young people NO LONGER WANT the present Machinery -- they don't want it anymore. So they do foolish things....
They take drugs, they do all sorts of foolish things.
Oh, even worse than that, mon petit! They've become murderers.[[Mother is probably alluding to the Naxalites of Calcutta. ]]
Yes, there are all sorts of things, but in spite of everything, I feel it's a good sign, that the movement is going to increase more and more and that the whole Machinery of the men of yesterday is going to collapse -- the social and political machinery and all the rest....
For instance, I see many of those so-called hippies, you know, those wanderers, those young people who have turned their backs on society, who do all sorts of foolish things; well, several times I took one aside and simply spoke to him the language of Truth, and he understood at once! He had simply never been told anything.
All those people have never been told the true thing. And I have the feeling that all the so-called lost youth isn't lost at all! It needs only to receive the true word.
Yes, but who's going to give it to them?
Well, I don't know, Mother. If I had the power, I would do it willingly. But the miracle is still possible with these people.
Yes. Yes, but ... there has to be someone to say it.
Yes, there should be a Vivekananda for Sri Aurobindo.
(Mother laughs, very amused)
And their reversal could be effected swiftly and easily, I'm sure. You see, they're not perverted, they're simply ... they don't know.
That's what you should call for, Mother: a great inspired man.
That's what you should call for.
But I've been calling him for a long time.
Yes, Mother, a great inspired man with physical strength.
Yes, oh, yes!
It has to be someone physically solid.
Oh, yes!
(Mother looks, then goes within for a long time)
All the time, day and night, like this (Mother holds her clenched fists in front of her as though pulling or calling the Force).
It is a world event. It is not the event of one country [Bangladesh], it is a world event. And that's why....source

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