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Vedanta Brain Islam Body

To Mohammed Sarfaraz Husain of Naini Tal


10th June,1898


I appreciate your letter very much and am extremely happy to learn that the Lord is silently preparing wonderful things for our motherland.

Wheter we call it Vedantism or any ism,the truth is that Advaitism is the last word of religion and thought and the only position from which one can look upon all religions and sect with love.I believe it is the religion of the future enlightened humanity.The hindus may get the credit of arriving at it earlier than other races,they being an older race than either the hebrew or the arabs;yet practical Advaitism,which looks upon and behaves to all mankind as one's own soul,was NEVER DEVELOPED among the hindus universally.

On the other hand,my experience is that if ever any religion approached to this equality in an appreciable manner,it is Islam and Islam alone.

Therefore I am firmly persuaded that without the help of practical Islam,theories of Vedantism,howver fine and wonderful they may be,are entirely valueless to the vast mass of mankind.We want to lead mankind to the place where there is neither the Vedas,nor the Bible,nor the Quran;yet this has to be done by harmonising the Vedas,the Bible and the Koran.Mankind ought to be taught that religions are but the varied expressions of THE RELIGION, which is ONENESS,so that each may choose that path suits him best.



Ever praying that the Lord may make of you a great instrument for the t help of mankind,and especially of our poor,poor motherland

Yours with love,

"hindus discovered all the spiritual laws,but has failed to spread the gospels,the truths found in the vedas ,upanishads,the holy quran to the masses..and it appears,european brand of equality and justcie in the forms of democracy,socialism,communism have also failed to unite and uplift the masses..atavasim,inertia are the main stumbling blocks..perhaps a massive shock is needed once gain to wipe out all those habits,customs,behaviors that have poisoned the society,the continent for a very long,why did vivekananda mention islam body?

United Bharat

Sri Aurobindo was requested by the All India Radio, Thiruchirapalli (former Trichinopoly ), to give a message for India's independence. This is the message which was broadcast from the All India Radio on the 14th of August 1947. It is of special relevance and importance even now.
August 15th, 1947 is the birthday of free India. It marks for her the end of an old era, the beginning of a new age. But we can also make it by our life and acts as a free nation an important date in a new age opening for the whole world, for the political, social, cultural and spiritual future of humanity.

August 15th is my own birthday and it is naturally gratifying to me that it should have assumed this vast significance. I take this coincidence, not as a fortuitous accident, but as the sanction and seal of the Divine Force that guides my steps on the work with which I began life, the beginning of its full fruition. Indeed, on this day I can watch almost all the world-movements which I hoped to see fulfilled in my lifetime, though then they looked like impracticable dreams, arriving at fruition or on their way to achievement. In all these movements free India may well play a large part and take a leading position.
The first of these dreams was a revolutionary movement which would create a free and united India. India today is free but she has not achieved unity. At one moment it almost seemed as if in the very act of liberation she would fall back into the chaos of separate States which preceded the British conquest. But fortunately it now seems probable that this danger will be averted and a large and powerful, though not yet a complete union will be established. Also, the wisely drastic policy of the Constituent Assembly has made it probable that the problem of the depressed classes will be solved without schism or fissure. But the old communal division into Hindus and Muslims seems now to have hardened into a permanent political division of the country. It is to be hoped that this settled fact will not be accepted as settled for ever or as anything more than a temporary expedient. For if it lasts, India may be seriously weakened, even crippled: civil strife may remain always possible, possible even a new invasion and foreign conquest, her position among the nations weakened, her destiny impaired or even frustrated.
This must not be; the partition must go. Let us hope that that may come about naturally, by an increasing recognition of the necessity not only of peace and concord but of common action, by the practice of common action and the creation of means for that purpose. In this way unity may finally come about under whatever form - the exact form may have a pragmatic but not a fundamental importance. But by whatever means, in whatever way, the division must go; unity must and will be achieved, for it is necessary for the greatness of India's future.
Another dream was for the resurgence and liberation of the peoples of Asia and her return to her great role in the progress of human civilisation. Asia has arisen; large parts are now quite free or are at this moment being liberated: its other still subject or partly subject parts are moving through whatever struggled towards freedom. Only a little has to be done and that will be done today or tomorrow. There India has her part to play and has begun to play it with an energy and ability which already indicate the measure of her possibilities and the place she can take in the council of the nations.
The third dream was a world-union forming the outer basis of a fairer, brighter and nobler life for all mankind. That unification of the human world is under way; there is an imperfect initiation organised by struggling against tremendous difficulties. But the momentum is there and it must inevitably increase and conquer. Here too India has begun to play a prominent part and, if she can develop that larger statesmanship which is not limited by the present facts and immediate possibilities but looks into the future and brings it nearer, her presence may make all the difference between a slow and timid and a bold and swift development. A catastrophe may intervene and interrupt or destroy what is being done, but even then the final result is sure. For unification is a necessity of Nature, an inevitable movement. Its necessity for the nations is also clear, for without it the freedom of the small nations may be at any moment in peril and the life even of the large and powerful nations insecure. The unification is therefore to the interests of all, and only human imbecility and stupid selfishness can prevent it; but these cannot stand for ever against the necessity of Nature and the Divine Will. But an outward basis is not enough; there must grow up an international spirit and outlook, international forms and institutions must appear, perhaps such developments, as dual or multilateral citizenship, willed interchange or voluntary fusion of cultures. Nationalism will have fulfilled itself and lost it militancy and would no longer find these things incompatible with self-preservation and the integrality of its outlook. A new spirit of oneness will take hold of the human race.
Another dream, the spiritual gift of India to the world has already begun. India's spirituality is entering Europe and America in an ever increasing measure. That movement will grow; amid the disasters of the time more and more eyes are turning towards her with hope and there is even an increasing resort not only to her teachings, but to her psychic and spiritual practice.
The final dream was a step in evolution which would raise man to a higher and larger consciousness and begin the solution of the problems which have perplexed and vexed him since he first began to think and to dream of individual perfection and a perfect society. This is still a personal hope and an idea, an ideal which has begun to take hold both in India and in the West on forward-looking minds, The difficulties in the way are more formidable than in any other field of endeavour, but difficulties were made to be overcome and if the Supreme Will is there, they will be overcome. Here too, if this evolution is to take place, since it must proceed through a growth of the spirit and the inner consciousness, the initiative can come from India and, although the scope must be universal, the central movement may be hers.
Such is the content which I put into this date of India's liberation; whether or how far this hope will be justified depends upon the new and free India.
Nothing is Dearer than Her Service
There are times in a nation's history when Providence places before it one work, one aim, to which everything else, however high and noble in itself, has to be sacrificed. Such a time has now arrived for our Motherland when nothing is dearer than her service, when everything else is to be directed to that end. If you will study, study for her sake; train yourselves body and mind and soul for her sake. You will go abroad to foreign lands that you may bring back knowledge with which you may do service to her. Work that she may prosper. Suffer that she may rejoice. All is contained in that one single advice.
" THE MOTHER'S SYMBOL should replace Asoka's chakra.."
When Asiatics massacre, it is an atrocity; when Europeans, it is a military exigency. Appreciate the distinction and ponder over this world's virtues-Sri Aurobindo

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Fallen Bharat V

(Mumbai attacks-2008...this time its different..not the usual muslim hindu blasting each other off..foreigners were taken as usual,fingers are being pointed at Pakistan,but the sole "superpower" and other nations have been meddling in the subcontinent's affairs for a very long time..)

(Mumbai train blasts-2006)

(Massacres and pogroms in Gujarat)

(Narendra Modi the architect of the masscres and pogroms)

(Mumbai blasts and Dawood Ibrahim)

(Babri masjid demolition by the Hindutvas)

Aaah..tit for tat..never ending horror and violence..Ravana must be very pleased...well these are the natural logical results of falsehood..doesnt matter who the culprits are..the perpetrators,architecs are under the influence of the asura
Further reading materials...

Fallen Bharat Part IV

(RSS goondas)
( Bal Thackeray)

(Lal Advani)

"Woooah...these fellas are the guardians of the hindu dharma(say cheese)..hehe...hindu dharma?What?Isn't that word coined up by the Brits?.."Our Hindu dharma is the oldest dharma in the planet!!!Grrrrr!!!!We have the divine right,patent rights,trademark rights of Hindu dharma and it's only meant for the hindu brahmins Grrrrrrr"...Eh??..when someone says oldest,it means there was a beginning and eventually there will be a demise ...but the dharma in India which is called Hindu these days is known for 1000's of years as Sanatana Dharma....which means eternal laws of the Supreme....without beginning and ending..woopsy daisy..whatcha trying to sar?I m trying to say these agents of falsehoods(see the pixs) are now in control and not surprisingly all things related to falsehood..violence,terror,disharmony,discrimination,distortion will manifest..."

All fanaticism is false, because it is a contradiction of the very nature of God and of Truth. Truth cannot be shut up in a single book, Bible or Veda or Koran, or in a single religion. The Divine Being is eternal and universal and infinite and cannot be the sole property of the Mussulmans or of the Semitic religions only, – those that happened to be in a line from the Bible and to have Jewish or Arabian prophets for their founders. Hindus and Confucians and Taoists and all others have as much right to enter into relation with God and find the Truth in their own way. All religions have some truth in them, but none has the whole truth; all are created in time and finally decline and perish. Mahomed himself never pretended that the Koran was the last message of God and there would be no other. God and Truth outlast these religions and manifest themselves anew in whatever way or form the Divine Wisdom chooses.
(On Himself, p.483.)
. . . Nor does spirituality mean the moulding of the whole type of the national being to suit the limited dogmas, forms, tenets of a particular religion, as was often enough attempted by the old societies, an idea which still persists in many minds by the power of old mental habit and association; clearly such an attempt would be impossible, even if it were desirable, in a country full of the most diverse religious opinions and harbouring too three such distinct general forms as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, to say nothing of the numerous special forms to which each of these has given birth. Spirituality is much wider than any particular religion, and in the larger ideas of it that are now coming on us even the greatest religion becomes no more than a broad sect or branch of the one universal religion, by which we shall understand in the future man's seeking for the eternal, the divine, the greater self, the source of unity and his attempt to arrive at some equation, some increasing approximation of the values of human life with the eternal and the divine values.
(The Renaissance in India , p.33.)

Sri Aurobindo
Read em..

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Fallen Bharat part iii

"Billy Gates mera baap..mera god..mera everything... woohoo!!..High Five Brotha!!...Outsourcing + VC+ Nasdaq=Heaven!!...No more 70's style bell bottoms n vettis for me!!'s nikes n versaces ,mega malls,credit cards "saturday nite party ka polah variyah" time...'s so wonderful to imitate other countries dicoveries , inventions and lifestyles..ya?Long Live Yaymerica!!"

Imitation is ometimes a good trianing- ship;but it will NEVER fly the flag of the admiral

"Guru Pitkas Ki Yay!!! u smell grass?;-)Say peace brotha..:-)..boy,sure its great to talk about love,peace,nirvana in the west(when it comes to talking,preaching,punditry,drama ,indians are gold medalists)...mega multi million bucks,prime time with Oprah and all the luxuries the west can tempation is so great to be a somebody for the sake of fame,money,glory..btw,anyone seen Mia Farrow?;-)...."

And the Americans! ... They claim they want to launch a "disarmament campaign," but they themselves don't feel the possibility of it: they are full of fear and distrust; so their "solution" is to sell arms to everyone! (Mother laughs) With the idea, first, of making money, and then of making countries "equal"! -THE MOTHER.

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Fallen Bharat part ii

"Arey Vaah..Show me da money man!!Bolly belly hallucinating Bunny..Bling Bling Boys Club toys n honey..It feels sooooooooo gooooooooood...but..but what da hell is this..!!???

"Heh!!!This cant be true yaar!!U see..we r the worlds largest capitalist's survival of the fittest man!!..tell u what..if gods cant help u expect we mortals to help "them"

"Shhhhhh..dis is suppose to be a secret..u know..we are capitalist's darlings....hehe..all we want is maximum $$$$$$$ so we reduce our production costs to 0 (hehe...we indians invented zero we might as well make full use of our patent rights..)..anything wrong bhai saab?"

Fallen Bharat part i

"Yes sar..FromBritish Raj to Goonda raj..woops sorry sar..1001 apologies sar..Devil's Raj sar..thats right...

We are fated to be like this sar...we are suffering for 100's of years sar..British ruled us for far too long sar(but these days it's hip to be an anglo americana)....and muslims invaded and weakened us sar(we must blame someone) we split up, carved up and mutilated the continent sar..but our hell remains intact sar..we are probably too dead to be alive sar..

so we continue to fight fight fight sar..we fight for food,money,our existance sar..what else can we do sar?.....we are now..

"..A functioning anarchy hypocracy hell"o" cracy other words sar...Bharat is now the kingdom of Falsehood..And we didnt workeh alone..yes sar..

(richard nixon,president of the united states ordering his "plumbers" not to squeeze gen yahya khan of pakistan)

Many friendly devilish hands helps us sar............

Untold Story

Cripps n Partition

Cripps n Partition part2

A Place In The Clouds

"I do not want salvation, as long as there is a single sorrow-stricken man.."
Swami Vivekananda

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The True Spirit Of Communism

If communism ever reestablishes itself successfully upon earth, it must be on a foundation of soul's brotherhood and the death of egoism. A forced association and a mechanical comradeship would end in a worldwide fiasco-Sr Aurobindo
Vedanta realised is the only practicable basis for a communistic society.
It is the kingdom of the saints dreamed of by Christianity, Islam and Puranic Hinduism-Sri Aurobindo

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Man The Fallen Brahman

"Learn to feel yourself in other bodies, to know that we are all one. Throw all other nonsense to the winds. Spit out your actions, good or bad, and never think of them again. What is done is done. Throw off superstition. Have no weakness even in the face of death. Do not repent, do not brood over past deeds. Be âzâd ("free")"-Swami Vivekananda

"Let each one of us pray day and night for the downtrodden millions, who are held fast by poverty, priestcraft, and tyranny. Pray day and night for them. I care more to preach religion to them than to the high and the rich. I am no metaphysician, no philosopher, nay, no saint. But I am poor and I love the poor"-Swami Vivekananda

"All is the Self or Brahman. The saint, the sinner, the lamb, the tiger, even the murderer, as far as they have any reality, can be nothing else, because there is nothing else"-Swami Vivekananda

"Vedanta says rather, "Man, thou art of one nature and substance with God, one soul with thy fellow-men. Awake and progress then to thy utter divinity, live for God in thyself and in others." This gospel which was given only to the few, must now be offered to all mankind for its deliverance"-Sri Aurobindo

Vivekananda's Chicago Speeches

"naren babu..your eyes can either melt or frighten..anyone.."

"vivekananda the mighty vibhuti didnt represent hinduism..he was sent on a mission to revive the spirit of vedanta/sanatana dharma..india and her citizens will never be able to rise up if this spirit remains dormant.."

Village Samiti

"life becomes dead if its ruled by the powers of greed and selfishness..for far too long the asuric qualities of man has been dominating societies,counties and citizens..perhaps the time has now come to revive the true spirit of asian dharma and give it a new lease of life.."

Sri Aurobindo Ashram Darshan Dates

01 January New Year's day
21 February The Mother's birthday
29 February The Supramental Manifestation day
24 April The Mother's final arrival in Pondicherry
15 August Sri Aurobindo's birthday
17 November The Mother's Mahasamadhi day
24 November Siddhi day
05 December Sri Aurobindo's Mahasamadhi day

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The Descent of Krishna-Siddhi Day 24th Novembar

Siddhi Day( Day of Realization)
On 24 November 1926, The Mother saw Sri Aurobindo emerge from his room in the evening, She new immediately that something important has happened in the History of the Earth and Universe. She sent words to all the sadhaks and asked them to assemble in the upper verandah of the Library House. By six all were there, all twenty four including Champaklal, Nolini, Amrita, Pavitra, Barin, Purani, Datta, Pujalal, Rajangam and Chandrasekharam. What happen there is as in Purani's words: There was a deep silence in the atmosphere after the disciples had gathered there. Many saw an oceanic flood of Light rushing down from above. Everyone present felt a kind of pressure above his head. The whole atmosphere was surcharged with some electrical energy. In that silence ..... the usual, yet on this day unusual, tick was heard behind the door of the entrance. Expectation rose in flood. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother could be seen through the half closed door. The Mother with a gesture of her eyes requested Sri Aurobindo to step out first. Sri Aurobindo with a similar gesture suggested to her to do the same. With a slow dignified step the Mother came out first, followed by Sri Aurobindo with his majestic gait.... The Mother sat on a small stool to his right.Silence absolute, living silence- not merely living but out flowing with divinity. The meditation lasted about forty-five minutes. After that one by one the disciple bowed to the Mother. She and Sri Aurobindo gave blessings to them. Whenever a disciple bowed to the Mother, Sri Aurobindo's right hand came forward behind the Mother's as if blessing him through the Mother. After the blessings, in the same silence there was a short meditation.In the interval of silent meditation and blessings many had distinct experiences... it was certain that a Higher Consciousness had descended on earth...Sri Aurobindo and The Mother went inside. Immediately Datta was inspired. In that silence she spoke:" The Lord has descended into the physical today ".
Krishna is not the supramental Light. The descent of Krishna would mean the descent of the Overmind Godhead preparing, though not itself actually, the descent of Supermind and Ananda. Krishna is the Anandamaya; he supports the evolution through the Overmind leading it towards the Ananda.
Sri Aurobindo

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The Supreme Mother's Darshan

The Prophet Muhammad said, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him: Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother (Ahmad, Nasai).

"Om Anandamayi, Chaitanyamayi, Satyamayi Parame"

"Where she presses her feet course miraculous streams of an entrancing Ananda"

- Sri Aurobindo in "The Mother"



"Gloire a Toi, Seigneur (Glory to Thee O Lord)."

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Sri Aurobindo Ashram


the inscription on the samadhi reads...

" To THEE who hast been the material envelope of our Master,to THEE our infinite gratitude. Before THEE who hast done so much for us, who hast worked, struggled, suffered, hoped, endured so much, before THEE who hast willed all, attempted all, prepared, achieved all for us,before THEE we bow down and implore that we may never forget, even for a moment, all we owe to THEE."

The Mother And Sri Aurobindo

SRI AUROBINDO(1872-1950)

THE MOTHER(1878-1973)

"very few are aware of the fact that THE SUPREME had indeed come down as human our lifetime..yes,RAMALINGA SWAMIKAL (before his dematerialisation) told his discples to be ready for the arrival of the supreme from the all began with the birth of RAMAKRISHNA,VIVEKANANDA,RAMALINGA SWAMI..their work/mission was taken up by THE SUPREME.."

Sri Aurobindo Or The Adventure Of Consciousness

"written by satprem..the mother said this book is destined to be widely read 10 years from now..."

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Tribute To Satprem And Sujatha

SATPREM(1923 – 2007)

A sailor and a Breton, though born in Paris in 1923. A member of the French Resistance, Satprem was arrested by the Gestapo when he was twenty and spent a year and a half in concentration camps. Devastated, he journeyed first to Upper Egypt, then to India, where he served in the French colonial government of Pondicherry. There he discovered Sri Aurobindo and Mother. Their Message — “Man is a transitional being” — struck a deep chord. He resigned his post and left for Guiana, where he spent an adventurous year in the middle of Amazonian jungle, then wandered on to Brazil, Africa....In 1953, at thirty, Satprem returned to India for good to be near Her who was in search of the secret of the passage to the “next species” — Mother, whose confidant and witness he became for some twenty years. His first essay was dedicated to Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness and followed a few years later by On the Way to Supermanhood.At the age of fifty, he edited and published the fabulous logbook of Mother's exploration, Mother's Agenda, in 13 volumes, while at the same time writing a trilogy — The Divine Materialism, The New Species, The Mutation of Death — followed by an essay, The Mind of the Cells.In 1982, with his companion Sujata, Satprem withdrew completely to embark on the last adventure: the search for the “great passage” in the evolution beyond Man. In 1989, after seven years spent “digging in the body,” he wrote a brief autobiographical account, The Revolt of the Earth, in which he took stock of Man's present situation. Three years later came Evolution II, a pithy record of Satprem's journey through our human and terrestrial grave: “After Man, who? But the question is: After Man, how?”In 1994, Satprem edited Letters of a Rebel, two volumes of autobiographical correspondence. The next year, he wrote The Tragedy of the Earth - From Sophocles to Sri Aurobindo, which draws a curve from the Vedic and pre-Socratic era to our Iron Age and to Sri Aurobindo, who embodies the last turning point of our human destiny. The Key of Tales appeared in 1998, followed in 2000 by The Legend of the Future. In 1999, Satprem also started the publication of his Notebooks of an Apocalypse (in French, seven volumes published so far, and in English, one volume available), the record of his work in the depths of the body consciousness, in which he was brutally plunged after Mother's departure in 1973.

SUJATA(1925 – 2007)

SUJATA NAHAR, born in Calcutta in 1925, spent her early childhood in Santiniketan's cultural atmosphere under poet Rabindranath Tagore. At the age of seven she lost her mother. Her father, his world shattered, searched for another dimension to his life. He found Sri Aurobindo and Mother at Pondicherry. His children followed him there one by one. Thus Sujata, who first came to Sri Aurobindo in 1935, at the age of nine, decided to remain near him in May 1938. She lived in Pondicherry for forty-three years. At first, she received private tutoring, became secretary to Pavitra, an eminent French mathematician, chemist and engineer, who was Mother's right-hand man. Sujata also worked with him in his laboratory, where she made a variety of preparations for Mother. She was very actively involved in the new physical education devised by Mother. Satprem arrived at the beginning of 1954. A young man just turned thirty, he taught the top students and assisted Pavitra with the correspondence. Thus Satprem and Sujata came together. Eventually Mother started to make him the confidant of her experiences and asked him to help her with the French translation of Sri Aurobindo's books. Mother then entrusted Sujata with the typing of her private conversations with Satprem, the ‘Agenda.’ From 1965 onwards Sujata regularly accompanied Satprem to his meetings with Mother.After 1973, when Mother left her body, the Ashram changed from a living experiment to a stereotyped institution. In 1978 — Mother's centenary year — the Ashram trustees ‘expelled’ Satprem, because of the trilogy he had written on Mother's life and experiment.From 1978 onwards, Satprem and Sujata lived far away from Pondicherry, devoting themselves exclusively to Sri Aurobindo's and Mother's work and experiment in the cellular consciousness of the body.Sujata Nahar is the author of Mother's Chronicles, a biography of Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

"divine workers satprem and sujatha have not left mother earth..the work to transform the cellualr level of man continues...from the subtle physical plane.."

Auroville The Universal City Of Dawn

How did Auroville begin?
The concept of Auroville - an ideal township devoted to an experiment in human unity - came to the Mother as early as the 1930s. In the mid 1960s the Sri Aurobindo Society in Pondicherry proposed to Her that such a township should be started. She gave her blessings. The concept was then put before the Govt. of India, who gave their backing and took it to the General Assembly of UNESCO. In 1966 UNESCO passed a unanimous resolution commending it as a project of importance to the future of humanity, thereby giving their full encouragement.
Why Auroville?
The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity – in diversity. Today Auroville is recognised as the first and only internationally endorsed ongoing experiment in human unity and transformation of consciousness, also concerned with - and practically researching into - sustainable living and the future cultural, environmental, social and spiritual needs of mankind.

"a day will come,when every nation will follow the model of auroville"

The Manifestation Of The Superman Being part5

January 22, 1969

(Again regarding the descent of the superman consciousness.)

I wanted to tell you something, and it's gone ....

There's been such a hurly-burly since this morning.

(Mother remains absorbed)

I told you how I was surrounded [by a rampart] .... Oh, but this <32> consciousness is very interesting! It gives me lessons all the time, it's very interesting!

He [[He = the mentor. ]] gives me lessons during the night to tell me the things that must change, and with symbolic sounds to make me clearly understand: he makes me LIVE certain situations to know what needs to be changed - what he does is first-rate!

It's going on in every detail. I can't tell everything.

And it doesn't just concern itself with individuals: it also concerns itself with events all over the world. I see that clearly because it intervenes in the action of this or that nation, I see that mostly at night.

It's very active.

He's educating me! Educating this body. That's really very fine!

(Mother laughs) We'll see what's going to happen it depends on the body's plasticity, of course.

"i surrender to thee..thee the manifestation of the four principal powers of the divine.."

The Manifestation Of The Superman Being part4

Mother gives flowers)

Here, this is for you.

You see (Mother shows two hibiscus flowers), it's not the same thing: this is "Grace," and this is "Supramental Consciousness" - we have the flower before the consciousness!


Today I saw Pondicherry's lieutenant governor (he comes now and then, every two weeks), and other people (a guard of Auroville, <29> who is a Muslim), a bit of everything, and now this consciousness comes: the other day, I told you, it was like a rampart, but today with the governor it was much smaller, of limited proportions (gesture like a beam), but it was there, intact: it was the same thing, only the concentration was less. And it comes between the Action (Mother points to her own body) and the person. It's like a projection of power. And now it has become habitual.

There is in it a consciousness (something VERY precious) that gives lessons to the body, teaches it what it has to do, that is, the attitude it should have, the reaction it should have .... I had already told you a few times how difficult it is to find the procedure of the transformation when there's no one to give you indications; and it's the response, as it were: "he" [[Mother sometimes uses "lie" to designate this consciousness. ]] comes and tells the body, "Have this attitude, do this, do that in that way." So then the body is happy, it's quite reassured, it can't make a mistake anymore.

Very interesting.

It has come like a "mentor" - and PRACTICAL, wholly practical: "This is to be rejected; this is to be accepted; this is to be generalized; this for all inner movements. And it even becomes very material, in the sense that with certain vibrations, it says, "This is to be encouraged"; with others, "This is to be channeled"; with yet others, "This is to be got rid of ...." Small indications of that sort.


Years ago, in one of the old Talks, when I spoke there, at the Playground, I said, "The superman will probably be first a being of power, so as to be able to defend himself." That's it, it's that experience. It has come back as an experience. And it's because it has come back as an experience that I remembered having said it. [["It would seem that the most compelling, evident aspect, which probably will be the first to manifest - probably - will be the aspect of Power more than the aspect of Joy and the aspect of Truth. For a new race to be established on earth, it would necessarily have to be protected from the other terrestrial elements so as to survive, and the protection is in the power (not an artificial power external and false, but the true Power, the victorious Will). We may therefore think that the supramental action, even before it becomes an action of harmonization and illumination, of joy, of beauty, will be an action of power, so as to give protection. Naturally, for this action of power to be truly effective, it would have to be founded on Knowledge and Truth and Love and Harmony; but those things could manifest - visibly, little by little - once the ground, so to speak, had been prepared by the action of a sovereign will and power." (Questions and Answers, December 18, 1957.) ]] <30>

Yes, you said, "Power's what will come first."

Yes, Power first.

Because those beings will need to be protected.

Yes, that's right. Well, I've had the first experience for this body: it came like a rampart, it was awesome! An awesome power! Quite out of proportion with the apparent action.

Very interesting.

And that's also why (now that I see this experience), I see that the result is far more precise and concrete, because the mind and the vital aren't there. Because it [this new consciousness] is taking their place. And with this whole tranquil assurance of knowledge that comes at the same time. It's interesting.


Do you have something to say?

I was wondering how, individually, this consciousness will act, for instance outside you?

In the same way. Only, those who haven't made it a habit to observe themselves objectively will notice it less, that's all. It will go through cotton wool, as it were, as it always does. But otherwise it's in the same way.

I mean, this consciousness will not act on the mind so much as on bodies?

I do hope it will make people THINK correctly ...

It's a guide, basically.

A guide, yes.

It's a consciousness, you understand.

For me, THE Consciousness limits itself to special activities, in special cases, but it's always THE Consciousness; just as it's almost completely limited in the human consciousness, so too in certain states of being, certain activities, it limits itself to a certain way of being so as to accomplish His action. And that's something I had asked for a lot: "May I be guided every minute," because it saves a <31> huge amount of time, of course, instead of having to study, to observe, to ... one knows. Well, now I realize it has happened like that.


There is a very pronounced change in those who were touched on the 1st of January: there is especially ... as I said, a precision and a certainty that have entered their way of thinking.

(before leaving, Satprem lays his forehead on Mother's knees)

Oh, time is so short ....

You don't have anything to ask? Anything to say?

It was here (Mother looks in the region of the heart). It's strange, I seem to be asked to put it in contact with all those who come near me.


(After Satprem has left, Mother says a few words to Sujata.)

Since it came, I've been seeing people's eyes more clearly - in the past too, I used to see their eyes, but it was their psychological state, while now I see the expression of the eyes, and it's so interesting!


"out of supreme compassion,thee has decided to manifest and guide us.."

The Manifestation Of The Superman Being part3

January 8, 1969
And this descent of the superman consciousness ...

Did I tell you I had afterwards identified it?

When you spoke last time, you had identified it.

Yes, but I spoke of "supramental consciousness."

Later, you said, "Maybe the superman?"

Yes, that's it. It's the descent of the superman consciousness. I had the assurance of it afterwards.

It was on the Is' of January after midnight. I woke up at 2 in the morning, surrounded by a consciousness, but so concrete, and NEW, in the sense that I had never experienced that. It lasted, quite concrete and present, for two or three hours, and then it spread out and went to find all those who could receive it. And at the same time I knew it was the consciousness of the superman, that is, the intermediary between man and the supramental being.

It has given the body a sort of assurance, a sort of trust. That experience has made it steady, as it were, and if it keeps the true attitude, all the support is there to help it.

A certain number of people (I asked afterwards) had the experience, they felt it (not as clearly), felt the presence of a new consciousness - lots of people. They told me (I asked them if they had felt something), they told me, "Oh, yes!" But each with ... (Mother twists her fingers slightly) naturally his own special approach.


The curious thing (I've noticed it with others) is that when the Action is silent, it's FAR MORE PRECISE than when it takes place through words. Words are received mentally, and there is always a slight distortion: a distortion of the content of those words. Whereas when the action is direct (Mother makes a gesture of inner communication), it's very precise.

I don't want to give names, but I've had both examples these last few days. There was someone I was to see only a few days later, so then I put the Consciousness and Force on him, and the change <26> took place, but very clearly and precisely; while to others I spoke of this experience, and they transcribed it: two transcriptions were read out to me, very different from each other (while I very nearly said the same thing), each transcription is different, and there is a slight distortion, different too, in each.

I didn't correct them because words themselves distort, so ...

You see, when I speak, I give words a very precise meaning - very subtle and precise; the other person receives the sound of the word and gives it his own interpretation. But what can we do?

This Consciousness takes on a different "color," so to speak, in everyone. It's the same thing with words: words have a similar, but nevertheless different meaning for each of those who utter them .... We would have to communicate like this (gesture of inner exchange): the direct experience.


"the superman being has manifested to divinise convert our senses,our mind,and life according to the blueprint of the divine.."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Manifestation Of The Superman Being part2

(Mother gives roses to Satprem, then breathes in the smell of a bunch of small yellow flowers [[Hymenantherum, small yellow daisies. ]] near her.)

It smells nice!

It's for my own satisfaction. These, and the "New Birth," [[Origanum vulgare, marjoram. ]] oh, these two fragrances are so clean .... (Pointing to the bunch of daisies) This is "Simple Sincerity" You know, a sincerity that doesn't make any fuss!

So what are you bringing me?

Nothing, Mother.

Nothing ...

On the 1st, something really strange took place .... And I wasn't the only one to feel it, a few people felt it too. It began just after midnight, but I felt it at 2, and others at 4 in the morning. It was ... I told you a few words about it last time, but the surprising thing is that it didn't correspond to anything I expected (I didn't expect anything), or to any of the things I had felt. It was something very material, I mean it was very external - very outward - and luminous, with a golden light. It was very strong, powerful. But its character was a smiling benevolence, a peaceful joy, and a sort of blossoming in the joy and the light. And it was like a "happy new year," like a wish. I must say it took me by surprise. <18>

It lasted - I felt it for at least three hours. Afterwards, I stopped concerning myself with it, I don't know what happened. But I told you a few words about it, and I spoke to two or three others: they had all felt it. Which means it was VERY material. They had all felt a sort of joy like that, but an amiable, powerful joy, and ... oh, so sweet, very smiling, VERY BENEVOLENT ... something ... I don't know what it is. I don't know what it is, but it's a kind of benevolence; so it was something very close to the human. And so concrete! So concrete. As if it had a taste, so concrete was it. Afterwards, I didn't concern myself with it anymore, except that I told two or three people about it: they had all felt it. Now, I don't know whether it has mingled or ... It hasn't gone, it doesn't give the feeling of something that comes only to go away.

It was far more external than the things I usually feel, far more external .... Hardly mental at all, I mean there was no sense of a "promise" or ... No. It would rather be like ... My own impression was that of an immense personality, immense (meaning that for it, the earth was small, like this [Mother holds a small object in the hollow of her hands], like a ball), an immense personality, so very benevolent, and coming to ... (Mother seems to gently raise the little ball in the hollow of her hands). It was the impression of a personal god (yet it was ... I don't know) who comes to help. So very strong! And so sweet at the same time, so understanding.

And it was very external: the body felt it everywhere, everywhere (Mother touches her face, her hands), all over like this.

What has become of it? I don't know.

It was the start of the year. As if someone on the scale of a god (someone, that is) had come to say "Happy new year," with all the power to make it a happy year. It was like that.

But what was it? ...

So concrete ...

I don't know.

Is it ... is it the personality (because it didn't have any form, I didn't see any form, there was only what it brought along [Mother feels the atmosphere with her fingers], sensation and feeling, these two things - sensation and feeling), I wondered if it wasn't the supramental personality ... which will, then, manifest later in material forms?

Since then, the body - this body - has been feeling (it has been permeated by that everywhere, a lot), it has been feeling much more joyful and less concentrated, living more in a happy, smiling expansion. For instance, it speaks more easily. There's a note ... a constant note of benevolence. A smile, you know, a benevolent smile, and all that with a GREAT FORCE .... I don't know. <19>

Haven't you felt anything?

That day, I had a sense of contentment.

Ah, that's it! Yes, that's right.

Is it the supramental personality? ... Which will incarnate in all those who will have a supramental body ...?

It was luminous, smiling, and so benevolent because of its POWER: I mean that generally, benevolence in the human being is something slightly weak, in the sense that it doesn't like battle, it doesn't like struggle - but this wasn't like that at all! A benevolence that imposes itself (Mother brings her two fists down on the armrests of her chair).

It interested me because it was entirely new. And so concrete! Concrete like this (Mother touches the arms of her chair), like what the physical consciousness usually regards as "others," as concrete as that. Which means it didn't come through some inner being, through the psychic being: it came DIRECTLY onto the body.

What is it? ... Yes, it may be that .... The body's feeling since that took place has been a sort of certitude; a certitude as if now it no longer were in an anxiety or uncertainty to know. "What will it be? What will this Supramental PHYSICALLY be like?" the body used to wonder. "What will it be like physically?" Now, it no longer thinks about it, it's happy.

Very well.

Is it something that's going to permeate the bodies that are ready?

Yes ... I think so, yes. I feel it's the formation that's going to permeate and express itself - permeate and express itself - in the bodies ... which will be the bodies of the Supramental.

Or maybe ... maybe the superman? I don't know. The intermediary between the two. Maybe the superman: it was very human, but a human of divine proportions, you understand.

A human without weaknesses and shadows: it was all luminous - all light and smile and ... sweetness at the same time.

Yes, maybe the superman.


"so gentle yet so powerful..the divine human has appeared.."

Manifestation Of The Superman Being part1

January 1, 1969

(Satprem lays his forehead on Mother's knees)

Yes, there was ... It came slowly in the night, and this morning when I woke up, there was a golden Dawn, as it were, and the atmosphere was very light. The body felt, "Oh, it's really ... truly new." A light, golden Light and ... benevolent. Benevolent in the sense of a certitude - a harmonious certitude. [[Strangely, this year 1969 will be simultaneously marked by a general appeasement in international relations (few years have been so "peaceful" since World War II) and by the surfacing, around Mother, of a general wave of bad will and darkness. As though the safety valve were there. This is the year when the "haste [in the disciples] for it to be over" Mother will soon mention will begin to manifest. Nineteen sixty-nine is the dark turning point ... and luminous at the same time. ]] <17>

It was new.

So there.

When I say "Happy new year" to people, that's what I pass on to them. And this morning, I've spent my time like that, spontaneously saying, "Happy new year, happy new year ...." So ...


'from man to superman..from superman to supramental man.."

Descent Of the Supramental

29 February 1956
"This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was there present amongst you. I had a form of living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door which separated the world from the Divine.

"As I looked at the door, I knew and willed, in a single movement of consciousness, that "the time has come", and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow, one single blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces.

"Lord, Thou hast willed, and I execute,

A new light breaks upon the earth,

A new world is born,

The things that were promised are fulfilled.

"The manifestation of the Supramental upon earth is no more a promise but a living fact, a reality.

"It is at work here, and one day will come when the most blind, the most unconscious, even the most unwilling shall be obliged to recognise it."

"the iron age ended on 29th february's the day when the new golden age prophesised by ancient sages,rishis,avatars,vibuthis,messengers of GOD.."

Divine Interventions

There has been approximately 124,000 prophets who have come into this world, 24 of these prophets are spoken about in the Holy Quran

i. Allah sent messengers to every nation to guide them to Path of Allah:

وَلَقَدْ بَعَثْنَا فِي كُلِّ أُمَّةٍ رَّسُولاً أَنِ اعْبُدُواْ اللّهَ وَاجْتَنِبُواْ الطَّاغُوتَ فَمِنْهُم مَّنْ هَدَى اللّهُ وَمِنْهُم مَّنْ حَقَّتْ عَلَيْهِ الضَّلالَةُ فَسِيرُواْ فِي الأَرْضِ فَانظُرُواْ كَيْفَ كَانَ عَاقِبَةُ الْمُكَذِّبِينَ

Transliteration: Walaqad baAAathna fee kulli ommatin rasoolan ani oAAbudoo Allaha waijtaniboo alttaghoota faminhum man hada Allahu waminhum man haqqat AAalayhi alddalalatu faseeroo fee al-ardi faonthuroo kayfa kana AAaqibatu almukaththibeena (Qur'an 16:36)

Pickthal Translation: And verily We have raised in every nation a messenger, (proclaiming): Serve Allah and shun false gods. Then some of them (there were) whom Allah guided, and some of them (there were) upon whom error had just hold. Do but travel in the land and see the nature of the consequence for the deniers! (Qur'an 16:36)

"evolution on divine mother earth has always been spiritual.. intervention from the divine comes at critical moments when life on earth is in serius danger...the divine appears as human rescues and accelerates man's life towards his truest state in stages.."