Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Psychic Being

Mother's Agenda

September 11, 1968
The psychic being is perfectly transparent, it doesn't cause any change.
It must depend on the case, yes, on the kind of action: on people, circumstances. Because the psychic being doesn't in any way alter either the quality or the nature or the action of the Force. It's like something absolutely transparent.
It varies rather according to the cases in which the Force wants to apply itself: cases, people, circumstances. When the action is general, it seems to be direct. But I am not absolutely sure. And the presence of the psychic being makes itself felt only in the case of certain people.
It strikes me as a kind of beacon - a beacon projecting the Light - and at the same time, a sort of receiving set that receives the vibrations.... It's very, very accurate - very accurate - as regards the quality of the vibrations of everything around it. Oh, it's become far more accurate than before. A slight movement here, there, or there, or a wave - all that is perceived very clearly, very clearly, with a consciousness which is highly receptive and at the same time without any reactions. There are no reactions, it's like an extremely delicate (that is, sensitive) receiving set, but without any reaction. No reaction. Things come into a vast, immense, luminous movement


Anonymous said...

Sounds nice to be able to experience this.

the seventh waves said...

Oh yes.