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The Mothers Agenda: Novembar 27th,1963

November 27, 1963
I spent the whole night with Sri Aurobindo, all night long, it was really very interesting.... But I don't remember now.
It stays, but not as a mental memory, not at all: as the feeling of an atmosphere - very interesting.
There was something about China, something about America, something about ... all the time, everywhere, everywhere. As though he had realized a certain thing through my experience on earth; and there is an action which he does accordingly, and then the result everywhere.
A mass of things - very interesting.(silence
People want me to talk about Kennedy's death - I refused.
There was a poor Negro here, very nice, who did all his studies in America, and who used to send me letters, sometimes as many as two a day. His country has just been liberated, it's one of those countries ... Nigeria, I think, and his ambition is to work so that his country will be one of the first ready for the transformation - a great ambition. And I received a cable from him the day Kennedy was shot, praying for my help. It's very touching.
But it has triggered all kinds of things - in fact, that's in part why I had that long presence of Sri Aurobindo and that long work. As though it had served to trigger one of the movements of transformation of the earth.
There are landmarks of that kind....
I had told you, you remember, how that great Asura (who in fact was the first born; it's for him that I had built a subtle body) had said he was going to China and that China's revolution (a long time ago!) would signal the beginning of the work of transformation of the earth.[[See Agenda III. January 15, 1962, p. 44. ]] Those things are like milestones on a road, and the Chinese revolution was like the first milestone, opening up the road. Well, Kennedy's assassination is one of those signs, one of the landmarks - I've been told this.
I remember having asked, "But the earth, the human earth, is it really still so tamasic(inert) that it needs tragic events of the sort to awaken its consciousness?..." And I was answered, "Still far more tamasic than you think."

The intelligences that have emerged into a higher light are like stars scattered over a perfectly dark sky - perfectly dark.
But this "trigger" you mention, Kennedy's death, will it precipitate things in the sense of a "shake-up"?
Yes. Its effect is like an electrical discharge that shakes up the tamas, shakes up inertia.
It's like in Savitri, when he speaks of the "consciousness that fell asleep in the dust" ... the divine Consciousness that fell asleep in the dust of its creation (I am embroidering). The divine Consciousness, the eternal Mother, that is, fell asleep in the dust of her creation; somebody wakes her up, and She realizes (this isn't from Sri Aurobindo!), She realizes (laughing) that it's the supreme Lord who shook her! So She does everything, all sorts of extraordinary things, anything to stop Him from going away!
(Mother takes up "Savitri")..
"gorbachev and glassnost and the fall of berlin we see the opposite ie the asuras/demons "rising" and responsible for 9/11,occupation of iraq and afghanistan,gitmo, islamophobia and every muslim is a, the fall of "hell anything goes"porno carnivorous economic wheeling and dealing,and gaza attacks..a mix of two opposites .."

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