Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long Live Hindu Dharma!:Part4

Poverty still grips millions in India

By Kumar Malhotra BBC News

Not everyone in India faces a bright future
Every now and then, India gets a stark reminder that the feel good factor created by high growth rates in recent years eludes millions of its people..read more

"The costs and fallout of that will also be global. And there is this problem, too: as long as you try fixing it within a dead framework, things will only get worse. Typically, governments will come up tomorrow with something that might have worked yesterday. And then too little of it. India, though, is different. Our government seems set to come up tomorrow with things that never worked on any day, anywhere. Actions whose insanity lies bare in the ruins of the US collapse (like trying to prise open the Insurance sector still further.) And a now pathetic pretence that neo-liberal policies had nothing to do with the trouble the world is in. There's even at this point a smug complacence, that our genius has somehow insulated us from the fate of most of the Western world."


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