Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Encounter Part 2


Sri Aurobindo clarified, "The conception of the Divine as an external omnipotent Power who has 'created' the world and governs it like an absolute and arbitrary monarch -- the Christian or Semitic conception -- has never been mine; it contradicts too much my seeing and experience during thirty years of sadhana."
And for Mother that 'God' in the manner of Anatole France was inadmissible. "It made me, if I may say so, a complete atheist in my childhood." However, when Mirra read Anatole France she was also greatly interested, because she was struck by the similarity between his view and Theon's idea on the Jewish-Christian God. "He was an Asura who wanted to be the 'one and only God,' that's why he became the most terible despot imaginable," Mother said quoting Theon. 'That's what Anatole France said too I now know that Anatole France hadn`t read Theon`s store; but where did he pick that up? I don`t know. It`s in The Revolt of the Angels. He says that Satan is the God and Jehovah, the 'one and only God ' is the monster. And when the angels wanted Satan to become the only God, he perceived that he was immediately taking on all the failings of Jehovah! So he refused. He said, ‘No-no.thank you very much ‘ It`s admirable story. And in exactly the same vein as than Theon said. As it happens, that was the first thing I asked Anatole France.” She interrupted herself to day to Satprem, I told you once that I met him. Common friends took me to him. The first thing I asked him was, Have you ever read the Tradition?' 'No ' he told me. I explained to him why I had asked and he was interested. He said his source was his own imagination. But he had caught the idea... intuitively "
She referred again to Sri Aurobindo. “‘Very good’ he would have said while reading The Revolt of the Angels. ‘True, which of the two should we believe? Jehovah or the rebellious Angel who wanted to take his place?
Then, as an associated recollection crossed her mind, Mother said, "Do you remember I once told you I had clothed a vital Being in a body?"
"Is that Being still alive?" Satprem queried. "Who was it?"
"But this vital Being clothed in a body," Satprem brought Mother back to his earlier question, "did he live on earth for any length of time?"
"No, never."
"He stopped at the subtle physical -- he himself refused to go any further." She now disclosed his identity. "It was Satan, the Asura of Light, who, in cutting himself off from the Supreme, fell into Unconsciousness and Darkness -- I have told the story many times. But anyway, when I was with Theon, I called that Being up and asked him if he wanted to come into contact with the earth. It's worth mentioning that it was the first born's central being. Of course, he had millions of emanations in the world, but this was the central being in person. He agreed to be clothed in a body. Theon wanted to keep him there with him: 'Don't let him go,' he told me. I made no reply. This Being told me he didn't want to be more material than that and it sufficed -- you could feel him move the way you feel a draught, it was that concrete.
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