Sunday, January 25, 2009

Axis Of Cukoo

Radical Indian group ‘plotted Hindu state’
NEW DELHI // The alleged conspirators of a series of fatal blasts in Maharashtra state last year had plans to create a Hindu state and approach Israel, Nepal and Maoist groups for help, state police have claimed in a charge sheet filed with a Mumbai court.Police claim Abhinav Bharat, the Hindu radical group blamed for the blasts, which killed seven and wounded more than 100 in Malegaon, had designed a flag and written a constitution and was preparing to form a parallel Hindu government in exile operating out of more
The Insane Zionist Masterplan - Pitting Hindu India against Islam
Don't make the mistake of assuming that because India is not in the Middle East that it's not an integral part of the Zionist master plan.
This opinion piece by Maryum Saifee published in the Columbia Spectator Online is crucial reading for anyone who wants to understand the latest horrific developments involving Pakistan and India and to figure out who is behind them.
Last Monday, a number of organizations convened a panel at Columbia University law school to celebrate emerging relations between India and Israel. As a person of Indian origin with a Middle East regional focus at SIPA, I was particularly intrigued by the subject matter of the talk and wanted to learn more about this budding relationship.
After attending the talk, I realized that much of the content was not academic in nature and was politicized to the point of more
" cover up their weakness,and lack of brain cells,they resort to finger pointing,violence,melodrama and other asuric ways to show off their so called "might"..not surprisingly,bharat has not been able to solve any of her problems that has been plaguing her for centuries.."

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