Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Seventh Creation

It comes at last, the day foreseen of old,

What John in Patmos saw, what Shelley dreamed,

Vision and vain imagination deemed,

The City of delight, the Age of Gold.

The Iron Age is ended. Only now

The last fierce spasm of the dying past

Shall shake the nations, and when that has passed

Earth washed of ills shall raise a fairer brow.



Theon seems to be echoing an ancient Indian idea. For, "The Indian Scripture affirms in its doctrine that there is no such thing as an absolutely first creation, the present universe being but one of a series of worlds which are past and are yet to be."

However, an interesting point emerges which is perhaps applicable to all early Scriptures. To our modern way of thinking, they appear obscure and unintelligible. But, "The incoherencies of the Vedic texts," wrote Sri Aurobindo, "exist in appearance only, because the real thread of the sense is to be found in an inner meaning."

That thread found, "the expression of the hymns becomes just and precise and sins rather by economy of phrase than by excess, by overpregnancy rather than by poverty of sense." The Mystics(Vedic seers) shrouded their thought in the veil of concrete myth and poetic figures, because they knew that the True Knowledge was unfit, perhaps even dangerous to the ordinary human mind, or in any case liable to perversion and misuse, if revealed to the vulgar and unpurified spirit.

At all events, we have six creations and six pralayas(dissolution) behind us. "We are in the seventh, the last," said Mother. "The world will find a new equilibrium -- a superior equilibrium -- not static, but progressive. In other words, there will be an unlimited progress in equilibrium and harmony."

It was several years later, when describing to Satprem an experience she had just had, that Mother remarked, "And I have understood why Theon said that we are in the days of 'Equilibrium.' It means that when there is equilibrium between all these innumerable points of consciousness and their opposites, the central Consciousness is found."

Mother, whose consciousness was one with the central Consciousness, and indwelled equally the innumerable points of consciousness and their opposites -- "My centre is everywhere. Be very careful," she once cautioned Satprem -- could easily recall the memories of previous pralayas.

"In the subconscient, there is the memory of previous pralayas. Well, it's this memory that always gives you the impression that everything is going to be dissolved, everything is going to crumble."

She considered the problem, "But looking at it in the true light, it can only be a lovelier manifestation! Theon told me this was the seventh and the last. I told Sri Aurobindo what Theon said. Sri Aurobindo concurred, for he said, 'This one will see the transformation towards the Supermind."

Sri Aurobindo always gives us hope. "The Iron Age prepares the Age of Gold," he said. His portrayal of the present and the future is both luminous and crystalline.

"we are witnessing,experiencing the dying past reacting violently,opposing( the violent reactions might be due to force from above penetrating the subconscient) ) the birth of the supramental's also possible,the past is being "raised up'" in order to be transformed.."

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