Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Signs Of The Asura

IDF Under Scrutiny
Is Israel Using Experimental Weapons in Gaza?
Concerns about Israel’s use of non-conventional and experimental weapons in the Gaza Strip are growing, with evasive comments from spokesmen and reluctance to allow independent journalists inside the tiny enclave only fuelling speculation.The most prominent controversy is over the use of shells containing white phosphorus, which causes horrific burns when it comes into contact with skin. Under international law, phosphorus is allowed as a smokescreen to protect soldiers but treated as a chemical weapon when used against civilians.The Israeli army maintains that it is using only weapons authorised in international law, though human rights groups have severely criticised Israel for firing phosphorus shells over densely populated areas of Gaza.But there might be other unconventional weapons Israel is using out of sight of the watching more
"..this time it's serius..isreali gov getting ready for war crime charges

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