Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fallen Bharat part i

"Yes sar..FromBritish Raj to Goonda raj..woops sorry sar..1001 apologies sar..Devil's Raj sar..thats right...

We are fated to be like this sar...we are suffering for 100's of years sar..British ruled us for far too long sar(but these days it's hip to be an anglo americana)....and muslims invaded and weakened us sar(we must blame someone)..so we split up, carved up and mutilated the continent sar..but our hell remains intact sar..we are probably too dead to be alive sar..

so we continue to fight fight fight sar..we fight for food,money,our existance sar..what else can we do sar?.....we are now..

"..A functioning anarchy hypocracy hell"o" cracy ..in other words sar...Bharat is now the kingdom of Falsehood..And we didnt workeh alone..yes sar..

(richard nixon,president of the united states ordering his "plumbers" not to squeeze gen yahya khan of pakistan)

Many friendly devilish hands helps us sar............

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Anonymous said...

Very True indeed...
Perhaps if Ghandhi was still alive, he would have regretted fighting for the independence of India.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. Fallen Bharath (means fallen man). A lot of destruction that we see today are sadly due to the advancement of Science. While Science did us a Great help in the field of medicine, etc, but there were also a high price to pay when greed overcomes the "fallen man".

We have seen the destruction that the Atom bomb did to Japan due to the advancement of weapons & firearms from modest spear, knives in the medieval times.

Today, we further some cowards who call themselves religious terrorists who kill in the name of religion in Mumbai for the sake of going to Heaven. These lunatics are not from planet earth. Somebody please transport them to Planet Saturn or Jupiter. They are extra terrestrials.

If it takes to kill to go to Heaven....I rather go to Hell!!!
Damn it!!