Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fallen Bharat part ii

"Arey Vaah..Show me da money man!!Bolly belly hallucinating Bunny..Bling Bling Boys Club toys n honey..It feels sooooooooo gooooooooood...but..but what da hell is this..!!???

"Heh!!!This cant be true yaar!!U see..we r the worlds largest capitalist democracy..it's survival of the fittest man!!..tell u what..if gods cant help us..do u expect we mortals to help "them"....ya..no..?

"Shhhhhh..dis is suppose to be a secret..u know..we are capitalist's darlings....hehe..all we want is maximum $$$$$$$ so we reduce our production costs to 0 (hehe...we indians invented zero ..so we might as well make full use of our patent rights..)..anything wrong bhai saab?"

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Anonymous said...

The man who practices generosity will find more things coming spontaneously. But to the miser, the inflow is scarce.

The habitual donor never denies even when his funds are low. He is like a dried up river when his funds are low. Try digging a hole there and water still oozes out. Even in a strained situation, a benefactor willingly doles out his mite.

A generous person is unlike certain god like characters who don't reach out to the downtrodden when they could afford it.