Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Manifestation Of The Superman Being part5

January 22, 1969

(Again regarding the descent of the superman consciousness.)

I wanted to tell you something, and it's gone ....

There's been such a hurly-burly since this morning.

(Mother remains absorbed)

I told you how I was surrounded [by a rampart] .... Oh, but this <32> consciousness is very interesting! It gives me lessons all the time, it's very interesting!

He [[He = the mentor. ]] gives me lessons during the night to tell me the things that must change, and with symbolic sounds to make me clearly understand: he makes me LIVE certain situations to know what needs to be changed - what he does is first-rate!

It's going on in every detail. I can't tell everything.

And it doesn't just concern itself with individuals: it also concerns itself with events all over the world. I see that clearly because it intervenes in the action of this or that nation, I see that mostly at night.

It's very active.

He's educating me! Educating this body. That's really very fine!

(Mother laughs) We'll see what's going to happen it depends on the body's plasticity, of course.

"i surrender to thee..thee the manifestation of the four principal powers of the divine.."

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