Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fallen Bharat V

(Mumbai attacks-2008...this time its different..not the usual muslim hindu blasting each other off..foreigners were taken as usual,fingers are being pointed at Pakistan,but the sole "superpower" and other nations have been meddling in the subcontinent's affairs for a very long time..)

(Mumbai train blasts-2006)

(Massacres and pogroms in Gujarat)

(Narendra Modi the architect of the masscres and pogroms)

(Mumbai blasts and Dawood Ibrahim)

(Babri masjid demolition by the Hindutvas)

Aaah..tit for tat..never ending horror and violence..Ravana must be very pleased...well these are the natural logical results of falsehood..doesnt matter who the culprits are..the perpetrators,architecs are under the influence of the asura
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps, only when mankind unites under one religion will there be a stop to these idiotic killings under the name of religion. But that is not likely to happen as believers of each faith cling to their respective religion.