Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fallen Bharat part iii

"Billy Gates mera baap..mera god..mera everything... woohoo!!..High Five Brotha!!...Outsourcing + VC+ Nasdaq=Heaven!!...No more 70's style bell bottoms n vettis for me!!'s nikes n versaces ,mega malls,credit cards "saturday nite party ka polah variyah" time...'s so wonderful to imitate other countries dicoveries , inventions and lifestyles..ya?Long Live Yaymerica!!"

Imitation is ometimes a good trianing- ship;but it will NEVER fly the flag of the admiral

"Guru Pitkas Ki Yay!!! u smell grass?;-)Say peace brotha..:-)..boy,sure its great to talk about love,peace,nirvana in the west(when it comes to talking,preaching,punditry,drama ,indians are gold medalists)...mega multi million bucks,prime time with Oprah and all the luxuries the west can tempation is so great to be a somebody for the sake of fame,money,glory..btw,anyone seen Mia Farrow?;-)...."

And the Americans! ... They claim they want to launch a "disarmament campaign," but they themselves don't feel the possibility of it: they are full of fear and distrust; so their "solution" is to sell arms to everyone! (Mother laughs) With the idea, first, of making money, and then of making countries "equal"! -THE MOTHER.

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Anonymous said...

Well, there's good & bad in East, likewise in West. The only problem lies when there is an absence of discrimination.