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Divine Force

12 February 1951

“Some persons ask: `Why has not the Divine come yet?' Because you are not ready. If a little drop makes you sing and dance and scream, what would happen if the whole thing came down?
“Therefore do we say to people who have not a strong and firm and capacious basis in the body and the vital and the mind: `Do not pull', meaning `Do not try to pull at the forces of the Divine, but wait in peace and calmness.' For they would not be able to bear the descent. But to those who possess the necessary basis and foundation, we say, on the contrary, `Aspire and draw.' For they would be able to receive and yet not be upset by the forces descending from the Divine.”
Questions and Answers 1929 (14 April)
Why does the divine force upset people?

Because it is too strong for them. It is as though you were in the midst of a big cyclone. It happens at times that the wind is so violent that you are not able to stand – you have to lie down and wait till it blows over. Now, the divine forces are a thousand times stronger than a cyclonic wind. If you do not have in you a very wide receptivity, an extremely solid basis of calmness, of equality of soul and inner peace, they come and carry you away like a gale and you cannot resist them. It is the same thing with light; some people get a pain in the eyes when they look at the sun and are obliged to put on dark glasses because sunlight is too strong for them. But this is merely sunlight. When you are able to look at the supramental light, it appears to you so brilliant that sunlight seems like a black stain in comparison. One must have strong eyes and a solid brain to
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bear that, one must be well prepared, established in something extremely calm and vast...READ MORE

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