Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Birth Of Bangladesh-Part4

Bah!... Everything is like this (hanging gesture), everything. They're ready to fight up there [on the borders of India and Bangladesh], and they're forever waiting to be told to fight. The armies are ready, everything is ready and they're waiting. Everything is like this (same gesture).

What are they waiting for?

For the government to give the order.

But the government won't budge!

Oh, yes (Mother smiles), it will. It will be forced to move. But it's resisting.

Someone came here from the government, sent by a "commission," and through him the General in command of the armies has communicated with me, and he asked for my blessings. They are all ready. They're waiting -- they are told tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, always tomorrow. I have news from up there.

A few days ago, in sleep, I saw Indira Gandhi. She seemed to be here and was trying to convince us of something; what particularly struck me is that everything she was saying was on a very ordinary level, and she looked very pale.

She is easily influenced, you know. So there are ... (gesture of tugging).

Indeed, she has not accepted your influence alone.

No, she's taken it and mixed it with others. That's why things go like this (gesture of jumbled confusion).

The Agenda Septembar18th,1971
(Mother goes within for a long time)

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