Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Birth Of Bangladesh-Final Part

No, Mother.... The trouble is that the people in power in India have not yet acknowledged in their consciousness that India is ONE; they have not yet acknowledged the nonexistence of Pakistan, that's the trouble.
(Mother nods, then goes within for 20 minutes)

*** *** ***

The world situation is critical today. India's fate too is hanging in the balance. There was a time when India was a absolutely secure, there was no danger whatever of her being victim to Asuric aggression. But things have changed. People and forces in India have acted in such a way as to invite Asuric influences upon her: these have worked insidiously and undermined the security that was there.
If India is in danger, Pondicherry cannot be expected to remain outside the danger zone. It will share the fate of the rest of the country. The protection I can give is not unconditional. It is idle to hope that in spite of anything and everything, the protection will be there over all. My protection is there if conditions are fulfilled. It goes without saying that any sympathy or support for the Nazis (or for any ally of theirs) automatically cuts across the circle of protection...The Divine can give protection only to those who are whole-heartedly faithful to the Divine, who live truly in the spirit of sadhana and keep their consciousness and preoccupation fixed upon the Divine and the service of the Divine...That, I don't know.
I remember Sri Aurobindo said that the Second World War had in fact interrupted the work of transformation.
Yes, it's true.
Is this ...?
We'll see. I don't know.
Someone (someone who knew nothing about the news announced on the radio) had a dream last night, and in the dream she saw armies going off to war (she didn't know war was coming, she's totally out of things), Indian armies going off to war -- and when she looked at them, she saw that each soldier had my face.
She sent word to me this morning and she didn't even know war had been declared.
For the moment it's not disturbing. But we'll see.
Sujata says that her impression is that the transformation is now so stable, the basis is so well established, that no matter what happens, it can no longer be disrupted.
I have somewhat that impression too, but....
And perhaps that's why the war was so delayed....
... To wait for everything to be really very stable.
Possible. Oh, more and more I live in a ... it's more than a conviction -- it's a positive certitude that things are the result of the Divine Wisdom.
Even when you fall flat on your face?
Even when you fall flat on your face -- it's the best thing that could have happened to you.

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