Friday, May 29, 2009

The Birth Of Bangladesh-Part5

October 2, 1971
(Last year, after the death of General de Gaulle, Satprem's friend Y.L. had met Andr?Malraux at Verri鑢es; he immediately asked her, "Is the Mother still alive?" As Y.L. was a little taken aback, he added, "I went there before you, 33 years ago.... So I assume you know what they have been looking for in India...." Again a few days ago, Y.L. met Andr?Malraux after his cry "Volunteer for Bengal"; he said to her, "What is essential in the fight I'm going to wage for Bengal is to know the attitude and action of Pondicherry." Y.L. therefore came to put the question directly to Mother. Mother asked, "When is Andr?Malraux meeting Indira Gandhi?" "In November, in Paris." Mother again asked, "When is Andr?Malraux thinking of coming to India?" "I don't know." Then Mother remained absorbed a long time and said, "He will only get THE answer when he arrives in India, because the answer is in him." After meeting Indira Gandhi in Paris, Andr?Malraux will renounce his plan of action. Let us note that when Y.L. met him, he leafed through the Auroville pressbook and said, "All this is familiar -- I'm part of it -- I know this." And closing the book, "It's as if the sun had risen. And it goes down.... And we begin again...." Y.L. simply replied: "And what if the sun has risen for good?")

Well, then?

Do you know that Y.L., whom you saw a few days ago, met Malraux in Paris and gave him my article on Bangladesh, and "On the Way to Supermanhood"? And this morning I received a note from Malraux.


A card. It's nice. He simply says:
"Many thanks for 'On the Way to Supermanhood,' about which one of our mutual friends had spoken to me -- thank you also for thinking of sending it to me."


He said you were "my son"!

Oh!... Well, that's not completely wrong.

I said it's true! (Mother laughs merrily)

It seems he has a lot of authority over there?

Oh, indeed a lot, and not just in France, but all over the world. If he says something, it's a world event!

Oh, then that's good.

So I thought I would send him a little note ...


... in which I would tell him this:

Dear Mr. Malraux, I was very touched by your note thanking me for "On the Way to Supermanhood." Some fifteen years ago, in this Ashram, I was teaching French classes to the young Indian disciples, and I tried to tell them who Malraux was, whose work I admired -- today they remember and, like me, are moved by your intervention on behalf of Bangladesh. The problem is deeper, of course, as you well know. What is at stake at the end of the present mental cycle is the creation of a new man -- that is what we are trying to do here with the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Great Forces are at work here, in a humble way. And I am happy that "Supermanhood" did not leave you insensitive. Indeed, its cry needs you and your capacity to grasp the profound Sense of our human crisis. May the Force of Sri Aurobindo and Mother be with you. Fraternally with you in the great Work to be accomplished...AGENDA OCTOBER 2ND,1971

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