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Bande Mataram Was The Anthem Of Nationalists In South East Asia

The third and supreme service of Bankim to his nation was that he gave us the vision of our Mother. The bare intellectual idea of the Motherland is not in itself a great driving force; the mere recognition of the desirability of freedom is not an inspiring motive. There are few Indians at present, whether loyalist, moderate or nationalist in their political views, who do not recognise that the country has claims on them or that freedom in the abstract is a desirable thing. But most of us, when it is a question between the claims of the country and other claims, do not in practice prefer the service of the country; and while many may have the wish to see freedom accomplished, few have the will to accomplish it. There are other things which we hold dearer and which we fear to see imperilled either in the struggle for freedom or by its accomplishment. It is not till the Motherland reveals herself to the eye of the mind as something more than a stretch of earth or a mass of individuals, it is not till she takes shape as a great Divine and Maternal Power in a form of beauty that can dominate the mind and seize the heart that these petty fears and hopes vanish in the all-absorbing passion for the Mother and her service, and the patriotism that works miracles and saves a doomed nation is born. To some men it is given to have that vision and reveal it to others. It was thirty-two years ago that Bankim wrote his great song and few listened; but in a sudden moment of awakening from long delusions the people of Bengal looked round for the truth and in a fated moment somebody sang Bande Mataram. The Mantra had been given and in a single day a whole people had been converted to the religion of patriotism. The Mother had revealed herself. Once that vision has come to a people, there can be no rest, no peace, no further slumber till the temple has been made ready, the image installed and the sacrifice offered. A great nation which has had that vision can never again bend its neck in subjection to the yoke of a more


menuju kebangkitan
menuju Indonesia Jaya.
Vande mataram,
sembah sujudku bagi Ibu Pertiwi.

Terima kasih, Mohon ucapan kami Indonesia disambut dengan ucapan Jaya.
Padamu Ibu aku berjanji,
Padamu Ibu aku berbakti,
Bagimu Ibu jiwaraga kami.
Indonesia …………….Jaya,
Indonesia …………….Jaya,
Indonesia …………….Jaya.
Mei 2006..READ+


song and lyrics by ahmad jais from malaysia

Bonda senyum riang

Menerima bahtera merdeka

Putra putri sayang

Putra putri sayang

Sedang berjuangFajar telah tiba

Nan menyinsing membawa harapan

Tanah Semenanjung

Tanah Semenanjung

Permata nilam

Jiwa dan raga

Buktikanlah pada nusa bangsa

Supaya negara maju jaya

Aman merdeka

Duhai ibu pertiwi

Putra putri datang sujud bakti

Untuk menunaikanUntuk menunaikan

Sumpah dan janji

Malaysia Tanah Airku, Ibu Pertiwi Yang Tercinta

Ustaz Hj Ashaari Muhammad Pengerusi Rufaqa Corporation telah menulis tentang Malaysia sebagai tanah air tercinta sebagai Ibu Pertiwi bangsa Melayu. Marilah kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia dari semua golongan sama-sama menyuluh diri kita sama ada kita mempunyai rasa hati yang mencintai negara Malaysia sepertimana beliau

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