Friday, May 29, 2009

The Birth Of A New Moon

Do you know the story of the new moon?... They've discovered a new moon.[[Called Toro. Although it orbits the sun in an 8-year cycle, it approaches to within some 12 million miles of the earth. Its next approach to the earth is due in August 1972. ]]
Oh, yes, a very small one. Does it mean something?
They say it is the supramental creation!
And that it is approaching the earth.
And then?
Well, it may fall on it!... What do they mean, very small? Smaller than the earth?
Yes, I think it's a mile in diameter.
That's very small!
It seems it approaches the earth every 8 years.... But what does that have to do with the supermind!
I don't know! (Mother laughs) I have no idea myself.... A mile, but then it could fall somewhere....
Yes, it would make a dent!... Sometimes one really gets the feeling that all this needs to be shaken up a little, don't you think?
(Mother makes a gesture of not knowing)
Aren't you in favor of "shaking up"?
(Same gesture with a smile) When I was told that, I had the impression it would become part of the earth.... But it would cause a disaster, wouldn't it?


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