Saturday, December 6, 2008

He Is The Lord

When a movement for independence begins with diplomacy and Machiavellianism, it is doomed to failure..God is not with it. It does not rely on the eternal principles of truth and virtue, but on the finite strength of human intellect and human means and to that finite strength God leaves it. When that strength comes to its limits, there is nothing left, and failure is final. But when a movement takes its stand on truth and justice, then it appeals to God Himself and He will see to it that the trust reposed in Him is not falsified. Failures may come but they will be only fresh incentives to purer and nobler effort. An immortal power will stand behind the movement and death will be afraid to come near it. Its leaders may be snatched away by the hand of death, hurried into exile or imprisonment, given to the hand of the executioner, but fresh leaders will arise. Its means may change from time to time, it may pass through ever-new phases and sometimes men may fail to recognise it as the same old movement, but God is within it always as its eternal and undying Self and it lasts till it receives its consummation..Mustafa Kamil Pasha
[Yusufali 6:115] The word of thy Lord doth find its fulfilment in truth and in justice: None can change His words: for He is the one who heareth and knoweth all.

Whoever is still under the influence of intellectual pride, is shocked when people depreciate the reason as the supreme guide. He asks how is it posssible for a man of culture to depreciate the reason and exalt some extraneous influence like that which people call God? But these doubters are under the influence of European materialism which tries to confine man to his material portion and deny him the possibility of a divine origin and a divine destiny...The Glory Of God In Man
"mera jutaa hey japani,mera dil hey anglosthani..;-)..neo colonialism continues to possess asians..our socio economic models,our lifesytles are fully westernised.. asians have become first class pseudo sahibs(the consequences?we have absorbed the fears,the paranoia,the mental gymnastics, excessive materialism of the west)..we seem to have no desire,no will to rediscover the essence of our dharma ..we probably think.."aah..what's the use of all this dharma/karma/bhakta crap!!..we need fast money,everlasting security..we need our safety nets in the form of job,income,bling bling lifestyle and exploring,diving deep to rediscover the true spirit of our dharma doesnt bring paise $$$$!!(but i am willing to bet,cock "o" phonies like the deepak chopras,the OSHOS,TM, and many self appointed guru bufoonandas ,swami conmananda's will disagree... they managed to suck billions of $$$ from those hungry thirty newly awakened europeans..)..not surprisngly,asians have actually become weak,vulnerable and depressed.."

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