Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bharat's Weakness Part2

Mother's Agenda(Novembar 15th,1969)

From the point of view of the attitude towards circumstances and others' character, there's that wonderful atavism of ours, which is so "natural" that we don't even notice it, and now ... For years I've looked and looked, and well, you know, when you were born into the bourgeois middle class, you're awfully bourgeois! And you don't even notice it! (Mother laughs) It's so ridiculous! ... Here, with the Indians, I've noticed that they have the atavism of their caste; even when they have deliberately left their caste, they still have that atavism. That's how I began to see. And then, I realized it was exactly the same thing with me! You were born into the middle class and you're awfully bourgeois, awfully - ridiculously!..Nov15,1969
Mother's Agenda(October 25th,1969)
(After a silence) As I see him, it's because he needs the thing to be manifested through a personal consciousness. A "personal consciousness," I mean someone [Mother] who is "conscious of bearing the Divine," who feels, I bear the Divine," you understand? When that isn't there (the Divine is there, that's all, but there <397> isn't I am the Divine"), he can't feel. And I'll go farther: I don't think there are many Europeans or Westerners who can feel it. Indians, it's because of atavism. But all those who are westernized cannot feel any longer. They need the sense of the person, the person who says, "I am," you understand. But this body ... (laughing), the body has gone beyond the stage where it says, "I am"! The very idea makes it laugh...Oct25th,1969
The reappearance of a characteristic in an organism after several generations of absence, usually caused by the chance recombination of genes.
An individual or a part that exhibits atavism. Also called throwback.
The return of a trait or recurrence of previous behavior after a period of absence


Mystique Earth said...

Happy New Year to You. May the year 2009 fill you with lots of joy and nice things all year around.

Anonymous said...

Yes. As long as there is ego in all of us, this separation and division among mankind will continue.

"I am". They.. are also "I".

Anonymous said...

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