Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bharat's Weakness Part1

I find it always difficult to work in Indian politics. The difficulty is that the vessels don't hold the Power, they are so weak. If the amount of force that is spent on India were spent on a European nation you would find it full of creative activities of various kinds. But here, in India, it is like sending a current of electricity through a sleeping man. He suddenly starts up, begins jerking and throwing his arms and feet about and then drops down again. He is not fully awake.

Disciple : What is it due to ?

Sri Aurobindo : Due to tremendous Tamas. Don't you feel it all around, that Tamas ? It is that which frustrates all efforts.

Disciple : What has brought it about ?

Sri Aurobindo : It is the result of various causes. It was already settling—I mean, the forces of disintegration and inertia before the British came. And after their coming the whole Tamas has settled like a solid block. There must be some awakening before something substantial can be done. Otherwise, India has got very good men; you had Tilak, Das, Vivekananda— none of them an ordinary man and yet you see the Tamas there.

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