Friday, September 18, 2009

Are Marriages Made In Heaven?

There was a reference to a "divine marriage" that was to be celebrated at Chandernagore. A letter and a photograph were sent for Sri Aurobindo's approval.
Sri Aurobindo : I refuse to have anything to do with the matter. It is the girl who must choose her husband, and not I.
I can only add that .marriages, generally, are not divine ; and when they are divine no arrangements are necessary."
Disciple : Some people are trying to drag these things into the Supermind ; but they must themselves get into the Supermind before they can drag others into it.
Sri Aurobindo : If they were in the Supramental, then the question would not arise, as they would never try to drag anyone into it.
Disciple : Nowadays Chittagong people have left off writing letters.
Page – 250
Disciple : Except K who sent an unpaid letter which I refused to accept without asking you.
Sri Aurobindo : You did well. We cannot afford to pay two annas to have the pleasure of reading K's letter. Money is too precious nowadays. (After some time) At times I wonder why at all I thought of bringing down the Supermind into this mass of idiots !
Disciple : Do you think it was an evil day ?
Sri Aurobindo : No ; but wherever you may go, whatever you may do the idiots will be there. You see, when there is a big dinner-party some are invited and they come, others are not invited and yet they come, and others force themselves into the party ! {Laughter)
I am really surprised why these people come to me. If they went to X they can easily find sanction for the "divine marriage" or they can go to Y who is now doing karma !

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