Sunday, October 18, 2009

United Bengal United India

Indian move to establish United India through United Bengal

Khodeza Begum
Some activities prejudicial to national independence and territorial integrity of Bangladesh have drawn the attention of all conscious persons. A demand has been raised to establish an undivided sub-continent by holding a press conference at a restaurant in Dhaka on December 29, 1991 .'Upamahadesh Punorujjibon Andolon' (movement for revival of the sub-continent) is the name of this outfit. In an Iftar party hosted by them, the speakers delivered speech at a seminar held in Dhaka on 31 December, 1991 . In that seminar a Congress scholar who came from India commented that none but Zinnah is responsible for partition of India. His speech resounded to imbibe new thoughts rejecting the two-nation theory. Afterwards a cover story was published in the weekly Bichinta regarding movement for revival of sub-continent. In an interview given by a leader of this outfit indicated that they want to go back to pre August-1947 scenario. It may be mentioned here that a brochure was also published named 'Ashamprodaik Upamohadesher Ishtehar'(communiqué of non-communal sub-continent). In this communiqué, it was proposed to place defence, currency and some other subject under the disposal of the centre. The map of India was printed on the cover page of this booklet where the present countries were not clearly shown. Leaflet containing the movement for revival of sub-continent were circulated simultaneously. A similar seminar was held in Dhaka titled 'new urge in the field of South Asian regional co-operation'. World Peace Council and its Bangladesh chapter arranged this seminar. The political high-ups of the country participated in the seminar. It was decided that the agenda of the discussion will be focussed on 'South Asian regional co-operation. But Congress Leader Mayaram Surgeon and others delivered speech on united India. Mayaram said, 'Why can't we establish united Indian state of pre-1947 scenario? We did not want separation. We are separated by the British design on the basis of religion. But now it is proved that division on the basis of religion can not exist. We want to return to pre-partition India'...READ MORE+

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