Thursday, October 8, 2009

Only The Divine Knows

December 15, 1971

I sent you this note, can it be used for something?
Yes, Mother, certainly.

"Difficult periods come on earth to compel men to overcome their small personal egoism and to turn exclusively to the Divine for help and light. The wisdom of men is ignorant. Only the Divine knows."

It came imperiously.
What wants Peace and Harmony was in me and....[[Mother is alluding to the Bangladesh war. Mother's note was probably written in reference to that war. ]] I was feeling a sort of pressure, and that came. It came imperatively -- plain, imperative. Without that, men would never have progressed -- they would never progress.
That war is very absorbing.
The war?
Yes, it's day and night, day and night....
Unfortunately you get the impression that in the west [the western front with Pakistan, i.e., Kashmir and Rajasthan], they don't want to do anything. Indira has declared that India had absolutely no interest in the breakup of Pakistan: "Not at all interested."[[Mrs. Gandhi stated that India has nothing against Pakistan. The government and people of India are not at all interested in the breakup of Pakistan." (The Hindu, 11 December 1971) ]] They just want to liberate Bangladesh and that's all.
(Mother sits absorbed for a very long time)
There's nothing?
No, it's late, Mother.
What time is it?
Twenty-two past eleven.
Twenty-two past ten.
No, twenty-two past eleven!
This war is.... I am busy all the time, all the time.
We get letters from the front; several generals and high-ranking officers say they feel my presence all the time. And it's true, I am busy all the time.
Did they tell you that the Americans are there with their "nuclear ship"?
They're not there yet, it seems. It's not quite sure -- they've sent it, but it's not quite sure.[["Not sure" that they will go as far as Bangladesh to help the retreating Pakistani army. ]]
They're completely mad.
Yes, that would be a disaster.
They're mad -- and stupid.
Yes. That president should be toppled.[[Watergate will break out six months later, on June 17, 1972. ]]
Oh, yes! Yes.
The one they want to put in his place is a friend of India. But no one likes that ... [Nixon], only a minority supports him -- not everyone.
They should just ... (gesture of sweeping clean).
Can't you arrange that?
(Mother laughs a lot)
... I am constantly busy.

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