Monday, October 19, 2009

Lack Of Receptivity

January 28, 1964
(The following conversation between Mother and a Bengali
disciple, B., was not tape-recorded but only noted from
memory in English:)

(B.) I am going to Calcutta. There they will ask me one question regarding the present situation - communal riots.[[It may be recalled that at the time a continuous flood of Hindu refugees from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was pouring into Bengal, sparking off numerous reprisals against the Muslim communities there. ]] What is the solution?
The solution is, of course, the change of consciousness. I know those other people [in Pakistan] behaved badly, like animals - even animals are better than human beings - but if people here also do the same, they would be playing in the hands of the forces that make people do evil and would only strengthen the hold of these forces. Retaliation like this is no remedy.
(B.) People there feel frustrated, they see no remedy, do not know which way to go, whom to look up to. They are going the wrong way, following the wrong lead. Isn't the division of the country responsible for much of these troubles?
Yes, division of religion, of country, of interest! If people felt like brothers - not brothers who quarrel but brothers conscious of their common origin ...
(B.) When are you coming?.i.40;
Don't be under the illusion that I am not there. I am there, the force, the consciousness are there, but there is no receptivity. During the Chinese trouble, I was in those places in the front, concretely, but I am sorry to say that the only people who were receptive were the Chinese. The impulsion to come forward disappeared. That is receptivity. No one knew why they
withdrew! On the Indian side a few were touched and
they told me of terrible conditions.
Since World War II, I have been keeping Kali[[Kali: the warrior aspect of the supreme Mother. ]] quiet, but she is restless! Times are critical, anything may happen. If people will only give up their ego!
(B.) I shall suggest a simpler way - to turn to you.
Perhaps the time has come to tell what I have told you. You may talk if an occasion arises. Keep your faith and go like a warrior.

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