Monday, August 20, 2012

The Revolters

I looked at her.... Those cells, that body, so clear, so transparent, was constantly absorbing the surrounding negation, refusal, and even revolt. Each time it's as if those cells caught a human disease, or perhaps the human disease – THE human disease. And each time she had to purify, in her own body, all those suggestions, all that ill-will....
And WHO believed?
WHO said, "Mother WILL find the way. Mother WILL go through it."
Who believed?
She used to tell me, "I have no one here."
I have no one here.
So that being who tried so much for the earth, who sought so much for the sake of the love and beauty of the earth – and... "I have no one." It was so... moving, poignant, you know, to see her increasingly crushed, if I may say, by the pain of that human refusal, that human incomprehension.
There I truly loved Mother.
She was grand.
She was heroic.
Then, one day, they closed her door on me.
Towarnicki: Who?

Her disciples.
I don't know. I don't understand their world; their way of being escapes me. I couldn't understand it. I couldn't understand all those jealousies. I couldn't understand any of it.
They closed the door on me.
So there was no one left, you see.
Why become immortal?
Why become radiant?
For herself alone?
She who loved the earth so much, who tried so much to give it its own secret joy – joy in matter, that is. Its secret of vastness, of communication with everything and everyone.
She has gone.
But she has not gone far.
She is there. She is there.
I feel her. She smiles at me. She holds me.
But this is not for myself alone, either. It's so obvious that anybody can call in his heart, in a childlike way, anywhere, in any language.... "That" is ready to help us and... make us move mountains.
She is there.
If we have the courage of Joy.
Towarnicki: What did she say to you before she died?
Oh, yes!
Towarnicki: Could you tell us the whole sentence?
"They will believe me dead. You who know, you will tell them. I would tell them myself, but they will not believe me." That's what she said.
"But they will not believe me."
What did they believe?
That she was old.
Towarnicki: What was that revolt all about? Why did they rebel against Mother during those last years?
The revolt wasn't manifest. It was a muffled rumbling in many people, and especially in her immediate entourage.
Well, it's... fairly easy to understand.
For each one she represented an obstacle to his little desire, his little ego, his little power or prestige.... Each one felt it as an obstacle.
In fact, one just has to look around: After she left, the squirmings started to break loose. All those little... beings athirst for power, for prestige – all dressed in immaculate white – who even tried to lay their hands on Mother's Agenda, all the conversations she had had with me, so afraid were they of what she might have told me. They tried everything.
But there's no point in speaking of those negative things.
They'll go – let them go their own way; it doesn't matter.
More than one old orangutan or old primate protested against man. But that didn't prevent man from coming.
Let them return to their spiritual meditation, to their dust.
But what Mother sowed in the earth, with so much suffering – that's irreversible.
And that's what is in the process of... You see, the very same squirming we saw and are seeing in the disciples around her, well, that's what is now squirming everywhere on earth! It's all the little rats coming out of their holes, all the little cockroaches thrashing about, all the cruelties, the horrible things... coming out everywhere, as if the sewers had been opened.
Why?... It's because there's truly a STUPENDOUS beam of light that's focused here, revealing all the filth in the depths, so it can be gotten rid of. So something else can emerge from the DEPTHS of this matter, from behind those rat nests, or saint nests – so a new air, a new possibility, can emerge.
That's the phenomenon taking place right now. And it's taking place REGARDLESS of what we want or don't want.
So why not with a little of our breath?
For once in evolution, human beings could participate in their own transformation.
Constantly, constantly, Mother's body used to repeat that same vibration, that same mantra.
Anybody can repeat it.

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