Friday, August 10, 2012

Sri Aurobindo And Lao Tse

On both occasions when Paul Brunton saw you, he had the
impression of you as a Chinese sage. In the early days of my
stay here, you struck me as a king of Hungarian gypsies! And
when I say Hungarian, I mean the Magyar element which I
suppose has mid-Asiatic characteristics. Do these ideas point
to some occult truth or some outstanding fact of previous

Confucius? Lao-Tse? Mencius? Hang-whang-pu? (Don’t know
who the last was, but his name sounds nice.)
Can’t remember
anything about it. As for the Hungarian gypsy, I suppose we
must have been everything at one time or another, on this earth
in some other cycle. But I am not aware of any particularly
Magyar or Chinese element in me. However, when I came here,
Iwas told I looked just like a Tamil sannyasi and some Christians
said I was just like Christ. So it may be.
More seriously, Brunton seems to have thought I was Lao-
Tse. Maybe, I can’t say it is impossible.

 7 December 1936

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