Monday, December 27, 2010


n Hinduism, Mahavishnu (Devanāgarī: महाविष्णु) is an aspect of Vishnu, the Absolute which is beyond human comprehension and is beyond all attributes. In Vaishnavite theology, the term is similar to Brahman and Almighty Absolute Supreme Personality of Godhead. Precisely, this means that Absolute truth is realized as Brahman (first - impersonal) then as Paramatma and then as Bhagavan. Then goes bhakti to Bhagavan, Krishna (Vishnu, Narayana). So bhakti surpasses even yoga which is aimed on Supersoul, Paramatma. Mahavishnu is Supersoul of all living beings (jivaatmas) in all material universes. It is also often used interchangeably with Vishnu to indicate reverence, as the prefix "Mahā" exalts the noun to which it is attached.

Mahavishnu is said to lie in the causal ocean or the Karanodak. He puts the seed of this material universe in Mahāmāyā by glancing at her. Mahāmāyā remains the ever obedient material energy of the Supreme Lord. All the natural elements including sky, fire, water, air and ether are created along with mind, intelligence and false ego.

After this Mahavishnu enters each of the many universes so created (seeds emerging from the pores of His skin). Garbhodaksayi Vishnu lays down in each and every of these individual material universes (Brahmandas). It can be interpreted that Garbodakshayi Vishnu is the collective of all souls in a particular material universe and Mahavishnu is the collective of all souls in all of the material universes.

From the Garbodakshayi Vishnu, then emerges Brahmā who is the secondary creator (due to his need to meditate to create planets in the material universe) of the planetary systems within particularly this material universe (Brahmanda).

Maha-Vishnu is an expansion of Sankarshana.


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