Sunday, December 26, 2010

Egoistic Faith

10 June – 29 September 1914


The Devatas are resisting once more the final elevation into the sunlight; but by this struggle they are confirming throughout the nature the ananda of battle and the right ananda of defeat as enjoyable in itself in the samata, but in the activity to be viewed & enjoyed in the light of a step towards victory. In reality the prakasha is there, but it is not yet evenly distributed & pervasive.

The equipment has begun; there will be enough for one year from this July onward for bare expenses. This step gained is only an initial step and the whole viewpoint will have to be changed before long. The means will be Brahminic, danagrahana, Vaisya, literary & commercial, & afterwards, Kshatriya. All these must be done on a large scale, but the Brahminic first. Of these things there is at present no apparent sign.


In swapnasamadhi clear but stationary rupas &scenes of great
Abdul Baha, stable, repeatedly, the face only. “The time is
coming” in Hindi.

In jagrat bahirdarshi the rupas are exceedingly vivid & have sometimes the first initial stability; only crude images have the longer stability. Reflected images are far more vivid & beautiful, whether of men or things, than their material counterparts.

Record of Yoga
The final double affirmation is visibly preparing behind the
obstinate denial opposed to it.


1.It is the egoistic faith that is to be dispelled.
2It is the perfect light that is to dispel the egoistic faith in the
gods in the intellectuality.
3It is the intellectuality that is to accept delight of the ideality.

The egoistic faith now belongs to the devatas who oppose, not to the Jiva which accepts the entire mastery of Krishna. The shadow of their ego falls on the system, but even the system rejects it. That which was ego, is now only personality.
Lipi kaushalya continues to manifest. Spontaneous stability is
again difficult.

The progress in samadhi is gradual &stepby step, not because it is difficult, but because of the immense mass of resistance opposed to it.The attempts to prevent the triple affirmation are only tem-
porarily successful as the price of great effort; the siddhi always
reasserts itself


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