Thursday, May 27, 2010

Work Through Ages


Q: In her book "Conversations" the Mother says: "We have all met in previous lives ... and have worked through ages for the victory of the Divine."[July 1971 Edition, p. 6] Is this true of all people who come and stay here? What about so many who came and went away?

A: Those who went away were also of these and still are of that circle. Temporary checks do not make any difference to the essential truth of the soul's seeking.


Q: In what way have we all "worked through ages for the victory of the Divine" ? How much has been achieved till now ?

A: By the victory is meant the final emergence of the embodied consciousness on earth from the bondage of the Ignorance. That had to be prepared through the ages by a spiritual evolution. Naturally, the work up till now has been a preparation of which the long spiritual effort and experience of the past has been the outcome. It has reached a point at which the decisive effort has become possible...SOURCE

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