Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Indo Pakistan War Part5

November 10, 1965
(Mother hands Satprem a brochure, "Spiritual Unity of India," in which quotations from Sri Aurobindo and Mother on the partition of India have been gathered, in particular Mother's declaration: "India must fight until India and Pakistan have once more become ONE.")
It has gone around India.
Thousands of copies have been distributed in India. There are even lots of newspapers that have written about it. It has made a lot of noise in the country.
But they don't seem - the leaders at least - to have understood at all.
The Prime Minister has fully approved. But he is a weak man. They are afraid of the United Nations.
Oh, they're afraid of everything.
But to the United Nations I have sent a lot of messages: lots of people there have talked about it. They are quarreling. There at the United Nations, it has kicked up a din. Only, the Americans are quite unrivaled in their stupidity! All the more so as they are puffed up with conceit - they are convinced that they are the leading nation of the world, so that puts the final touch to stupidity. But anyway, they are not alone at the United Nations and it has made a lot of noise, it has shaken people up a bit.
But unless outward circumstances COMPEL India to reunite with Pakistan, they won't budge.
But it's being prepared. It's being prepared. It's going to break out all at once.
The impression is that if India isn't pushed from the outside, isn't forced to re-create this unity, they won't budge.

The army is completely with us. Besides, it seems (I have been receiving a great many letters, I've again received some these last few days), it seems they had truly miraculous instances of forces intervening, of people suddenly turning into extraordinary heroes.... There were marvelous things.
If, at that point,[[Before India accepted the cease-fire of September 22. ]] they hadn't stopped, it would have been easy.
Oh, absolutely! It's really sad.
That's just what those fools were fearing!
It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, mon petit, because we always see just one side of things; even being in contact up above, one doesn't have the vision of the whole every minute. So, as for me, whatever happens I say, "It's all right - He knows better than I do."
He knows better than I do.
No, it's necessarily the best ... in the given conditions - the earth isn't in a marvelous condition, far from it - but in the given conditions, it's the best. It prepares something far more complete, far deeper, far more integral than all that we can imagine. This is indisputable, there's no discussing it.
Later, about the health of Sujata, who is eating next to nothing:
... When I was six or eight, I used to eat with my brother, and to get ourselves to eat we were obliged to tell each other a story I We were given meat, you see, pieces of beefsteak, it was a nightmare! So my trick was to tell my brother, "I am an ogre ... and before me is half an ox," and with each slash of my knife I would carve my ox! - I would tell a story to myself and end up swallowing my beefsteak!
(Sujata:) But he doesn't tell any stories. How many times I have asked him!
He doesn't tell any stories?
(Satprem:) She would like me to write tales - fairy tales.
Do you know any fairy tales?
(Satprem:) I'll make some up.
Of course! I used to make up lots and lots of them!... Real fairy tales in which everything is so lovely, everything works out so nicely - not a single misery. Nothing but lovely things....

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