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Apollo 11 Was Rescued By...

The Mother
Volume 10
July 23, 1969
(The American astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon on July 21. Mother shows the following text which was suggested to her as a "message" for August 15.)
It's Nolini who suggested this text ... because of the people who landed on the moon! (Mother laughs) But it's far too personal - I said no. I am just showing it to you, but I told him, "No, I don't want."
Q. "I have been wondering whether the Mother has been able to establish a direct connection with Mars or any other far off planet which is probably habitable and inhabited."
Someone put this question to Sri Aurobindo. So now that people have landed on the moon ...

A. "A long time ago Mother was going everywhere in the subtle body but she found it of a very secondary interest. Our attention must be fixed on the earth because our work is here. Besides, the earth is a concentration of all the other worlds and one can touch them by touching <251> something corresponding in the earth-atmosphere."[[When she read Sri Aurobindo's answer, Mother remarked, "This answer is very interesting, because it touches the heart of the problem."]]
Sri Aurobindo (25.373)
January 13, 1934
He tells what I was doing, but I don't like to be spoken of.
They're so excited about this moon! Have you heard?
Yes, but what's so exciting about that?
To hear the voice of the gentleman on the moon .... You hear him as he speaks.
I must say I find all that puerile.[[More explicitly, a month earlier, in a text written for Italian television (The Great Sense), Satprem had said, "We go to the moon, but we do not know our own heart nor our terrestrial destiny."]]
It's childish.
But I also heard the radio .... I got a queer sensation: I went there in a trice, like that (gesture like an arrow darting from the forehead to the moon); when I heard, I went there in a trice because I was told there was a dangerous moment when they were to leave the moon to rejoin the other man who was going around [orbiting the moon] - it seems that was dangerous. I had just been told about it .... At first when I heard the voice, I didn't understand anything he said (it was uninteresting, besides: he said he had picked up a stone, that there were mountains - things like that, quite uninteresting). Then, hop! I was sent off like that (same gesture to the forehead), and I actually FELT that I was going there (I found that amusing), like that, prrt! Off from here, direct.
They're on their way back. But the Russians sent a robot in a machine that went round the moon, landed on it and picked up stones - and it was a robot! They said, "We'll never risk a human life - a robot is good enough."[[Their probe, Luna 15, crashed on the moon.]]
But the children at the School here were in an extraordinary state of excitement .... So I was asked to say something to them. I said, "I'd better not say anything, because I would say it's big children having fun!" (Mother laughs) It would have thrown cold water on them! <252>

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