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What Is Light?

Perennial Light

O mortal who complainst of death and fate,Accuse none of the harms thyself hast called;This troubled world thou hast chosen for thy home,Thou art thyself the author of thy pain.
- Sri Aurobindo
There are special forces of the Light and there is a play of them according to needs but the Light in itself can be lived in as much as one can live in Peace or Ananda.
As Peace and
Ananda can pour through the whole system and finally stabilise themselves so that they are in the body, and the body and the whole being are in them – one might almost say, are that, are the Peace and Ananda – so it can be with Light. It can pour into the body, make every cell luminous, fix itself and surround on all sides in one luminous mass of Light.
It is not balls or flashes of light, but a flow or sea of Light entering into the body and surrounding it and illumining the whole field of consciousness. There can also be a vivid sense of Light and illumination without the vision. It can be seen or felt usually as an intense white or diamond or golden Light or something like sunlight or, for many, a blue or bluish white light.
Light or rays of light are always light of the higher consciousness working in the being to illumine or to purify or to awaken the consciousness or attune it to the Truth.
It depends upon the colour of the Light. In any case it is the
Light of Force from above. All lights are indications of a Force or Power. It is the work of the Lights and the Forces they represent to act in their descent on the lower nature and change it.
It is not necessary or possible to define. Light is light just like the light you see, only subtle – it clarifies the consciousness and works as a force and makes knowledge possible.
It [the Divine Light] has no function – it is just Light of Divine Consciousness. If you mean the result, it is supposed to illumine, to remove darkness and obscurity, to make the nature fit for true consciousness, Knowledge etc.
It [Light] is the power that enlightens whatever it falls upon – the result may be vision, memory, knowledge, right will, right impulse etc.
(1) The lid of the skull opening means that the mental being has opened to the Divine Light, and the flames indicate aspiration filled with the Light arising to join the mental part to what is above Mind.
(2) The Divine Light from above is of various colours. White is the divine Power of purity, blue the light of the spiritual consciousness, gold the hue of the supramental knowledge or of knowledge from the intermediate planes.
(3) OM (golden) rising to the sky means the cosmic consciousness supramentalised and rising towards the transcendent Consciousness.
(1) and (2) indicate either something that is happening at present or a potentiality that is trying to materialise. (3) symbolises
the process of the yoga which will be followed if this potentiality is realised and pursued to its natural goal.

From Sri Aurobindo's Letters On Yoga(volume3)

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