Friday, June 12, 2009

Wave And Particle

The wall between consciousness and force,impersonality and personality becomes much thinner when one goes behind the veil of matter.If one looks at a working from the side of the impersonal force one sees a force or energy at work acting for a purpose or with a result,if one looks from the side of being one sees a being possessing,guiding and using or else representative of and used by a conscious force as it's instrument of specialised action and expression..In modern science it has been found that if you look at the movement of energy,it appears on one side to be wave,on the other as a mass of particles each acting in its own way.It is somewhat the same principle here..

(From Chapter/Book:The Superconscient/Sri Aurobindo And The Adventure Of Consciousness.)

Wave Particle Duality

Erwin Schrodinger

At an early age, Schrödinger was strongly influenced by Schopenhauer[3]. As a result of his extensive reading of Schopenhauer's works, he became deeply interested throughout his life in color theory, philosophy[4], perception, and eastern religion, especially

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