Monday, February 2, 2009

The Triple Transformation

SRI AUROBINDO Letters on Yoga Volume 3
PART FOURSection One
The Triple Transformation: Psychic – Spiritual – Supramental

The fundamental realisations of this yoga are:
1. The psychic change so that a complete devotion can be the main motive of the heart and the ruler of thought, life and action in constant union with the Mother and in her Presence.
2. The descent of the Peace, Power, Light, etc. of the Higher Consciousness through the head and heart into the whole being, occupying the very cells of the body.
3. The perception of the One and Divine infinitely everywhere, the Mother everywhere and living in that infinite consciousness.
You know the three things on which the realisation has to be based:
(1) on a rising to a station above the mind and on the opening out of the cosmic consciousness;
(2) on the psychic opening; and
(3) on the descent of the higher consciousness with its peace, light, force, knowledge,
Ananda etc. into all the planes of the being down to the most physical.
All this has to be done by the working of the Mother's force aided by your aspiration, devotion and surrender.
That is the Path. The rest is a matter of the working out of these things for which you have to have faith in the Mother's working.
When one speaks of the divine spark, one is thinking of the soul as a portion of the Divine which has descended from above into the manifestation rather than of something which has separated itself from the cosmos. It is the nature that has formed itself
out of the cosmic forces – mind out of cosmic mind, life out of cosmic life, body out of cosmic Matter.
For the soul there are three realisations: – (1) the realisation of the psychic being and consciousness as the divine element in the evolution; (2) the realisation of the cosmic Self which is one in all; (3) the realisation of the Supreme Divine from which both individual and cosmos have come and of the individual being (
Jivatma) as an eternal portion of the Divine.


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