Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas


Donny Duke said...

Hello, you have no contact email, and so I'm including this in your latest post and would ask, before you simply move onto the next thing, check out the new Chipmunk.

our email newsletter:

Long time no see,

We’ve put together a new issue of The Chipmunk Press.

What’s featured:

How not to let chronic physical pain take over the vital, and dreams can show how;

What is meant by ‘bringing down music’;

The difference between the New Age and mature spirituality in the intermediate zone, shown in a short story set in the notorious New Age capital of Cuzco, Peru;
Inline image 1
The hidden psychology behind the phenomenon of mass shootings in America as related in a short story set in Houston, Texas.
Inline image 2
A Nazi War Criminal on why he did what he did, in his own words, a short story
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Constructive comments would be most welcomed.

The Chipmunk Press Staff

the seventh waves said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

very nice to see this photo...this is a wonderful website
Lechuza Planters