Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The New Consciousness In The Vital

May 7, 1969

(Mother remains in meditation for a long time)
This Consciousness has started working in people's vital beings. Have you noticed? Some people had big vital difficulties - it's beginning to work in them. It's quite unexpected for me. You haven't noticed? <172>
I have an impression that it's more easy, that difficulties are less violent-that one has a greater mastery, if you like. That's my impression.
(Mother nods her head
And it's taken it into its head to compel me to concern myself with politics, and that bothers me. But if the time has come ...
I have the impression that just as it has tried, not exactly to dissolve religions, but to get inside them and remove barriers, it's taken it into its head to do the same thing with politics (if I may say so). It seems to be working to create, not a disharmony, but a sort of ... to take away cohesion among people: cohesion among parties, cohesion among religions. As though this Consciousness were doing that.
It's odd.
But you have noticed something in the vital?
Yes ... I have noticed ... (how can I put it?) the presence of this Consciousness in the vital. Some people I see are almost exclusively in the vital, and there is the PRESENCE of this Consciousness, at work there.
And also I am compelled to intervene (not outwardly, but inwardly) in the actions of people involved in politics.
We'll see.
It's continuing its action of mentor of the body in an absolutely remarkable way That's going on well. But added to that, there are contacts in the vital, and also the obligation to intervene in certain political actions.
We'll see.

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