Saturday, October 20, 2012

Heaven And Earth Is One

 [Yusufali 43:84] It is He Who is Allah in heaven and Allah on earth; and He is full of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Shadow and Light, Good and Evil have all prepared a divine birth in Matter: "Day and Night both suckle the divine Child."250 Nothing is accursed, nothing is in vain. Night and Day are "two sisters, immortal, with a common Lover (the Sun)... common they, though different their forms." (I.113.2.3) At the end of the "pilgrimage" of ascent and descent, the seeker is "a son of the two Mothers (III.55.7): the son of Aditi, the white Mother251 of the superconscious infinite, and the son of Diti, the earthly Mother of "the dark infinite." He possesses "the two births," human and divine, "eternal and in one nest... as the Enjoyer of his two wives" (I.62.7): "The contents of the pregnant hill252 (came forth) for the supreme birth... a god opened the human doors." (V.45) "Then indeed, they awoke and saw all behind and wide around them, then, indeed, they held the ecstasy that is enjoyed in heaven. In all gated houses253 were all the gods." (Rig Veda IV.1.18)
Man's hope is fulfilled as well as the rishi's prayer: "May Heaven and Earth be equal and one."254 The great Balance is at last restored.
Heaven in its rapture dreams of perfect earth,
Earth in its sorrow dreams of perfect heaven...
They are kept from their oneness by enchanted fears.255

And finally, there is joy – Ananda. It is at the beginning of things and at the end and everywhere, if we dig deep enough. It is "the well of honey covered by the rock." (Rig Veda II.24.4)
(Exerpt frm  Satrprem;Sri Aurobindo or Adventure Of Consciousness)

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