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The healer part2

September 27, 1969

(A.R., the healer, enters; Mother gives him a red rose.)
(A.R.:) Thank you ... I come to you as a child thirsting and hungering for Truth, Justice, and the Knowledge of spiritual laws. Please give me this nourishment that is the knowledge of the laws, so I may serve the Divine in the most perfect universal Harmony.
(To Satprem:) Did you tell him that I don't speak?
(Satprem to A.R.:) Mother doesn't speak.
If he has something to say, he can do so.
(Satprem:) What is the central question that preoccupies you?
(A.R.:) The central question ... The central question for me, with regard to past experiences, is to understand the Law - to understand it perfectly, not imperfectly, that is, not empirically, so that by fulfilling the conditions of the Law, we may re-create the same phenomena.

(Satprem:) You spoke of a "block" somewhere?
(A.R.:) Yes, exactly, the block is just that .... Ill give an image: when you know a law perfectly, you can't be in breach of the law; but if you know it imperfectly, you risk a fine at any moment.
(Satprem:) Mother, it's the knowledge of the Law that he would like to have, so as not to make any mistake.
But I don't know any "law"! ... I don't know what he calls the "law" - I don't know any laws.
(Satprem to A.R.:) What do you call the "law"?
(A.R.:) The Law ... I think that if in deep meditation one realizes union with the Divine according to the right rules, every time you have the same meditation for the same cause, you must certainly obtain the same result.
In the manifestation, no two minutes are alike, it's a continuous movement; so when you come into contact with the Divine, what you collaborate with is the Truth of that Movement. That's probably what he calls "the Law."
(A.R.:) That's right.
In the manifestation, it's the Consciousness that expresses itself. And if you identify with it, this Supreme Consciousness, this Divine Consciousness is what makes you act. But as I understand it, the "law" he refers to is a mentalization of this Movement, and that's not necessary - what's necessary is the IDENTIFICATION of the consciousness .... It's a question of words.
(A.R.:) Exactly, I fully agree with Mother. But the problem remains in spite of this explanation. The question mark subsists, because, of course, I've had numerous opportunities to experiment with it - it's something I frequently realize-and yet the results are different, I mean that one doesn't get the result one <352> might have hoped for, which seems (I say, seems) really normal in the circumstances.
(Satprem to A.R.:) You mean, when you want to cure someone?
(A.R.:) Yes, that's it.
(Satprem to Mother:) Mother, he says that when he wants to heal, for instance, there aren't two systems, there's only one: he goes into a deep, intimate communion with the Divine, and lets That come through ....
Yes, that's right.
(Satprem:) So he wonders why, in certain cases, the result isn't obtained?
But that's because on the supreme level it's decided that it shouldn't be obtained! It's a partial consciousness that has the idea that whatever he does, the result should always be the same, but it's not like that!
(Satprem to A.R.:) Yes, it's not like that. It's a partial consciousness that tells you there must be a result, but in the total Consciousness ...
(A.R.:) I had always taken it like that too, but I wanted a confirmation of it.
(Satprem to Mother:) That's how he had taken it, but he wanted a confirmation. Because, for example, he has the case of a man whom he knows intimately and who has become a paralytic. He put all his heart into curing him, and he says he feels the Forces entering this man, he finds him receptive ...
But he isn't cured.
(Satprem:) He isn't cured. He has even given me the photo of the man, and he'd like to understand why, in this instance, he doesn't get cured.
(Mother looks at the photo) <353>
Does this man have faith?
(A.R.:) Well, in the beginning he didn't, but his faith has been growing.
It's because for everyone, what happens is the BEST thing to lead his individuality towards the goal - the goal of consciousness - and if he has faith, the action takes place in an even more precise way, and, we might say, even more rapidly. So in this case, it would mean that his paralysis helps him go faster towards his goal.
(A.R.:) Thank you.
Has he anything to ask?
(A.R.:) Yes, Id like to ask if you think it's good to carry on with this path of healing?
Oh, yes!
(A.R.:) Do you think it's a momentary limitation?
It's not a limitation, even the pettiest work isn't a limitation! It's only a means of expression; but it doesn't limit the possibility, that is to say, if one is capable of doing a general Work, it goes on CONSTANTLY, without a material occupation. I mean that the real Work is done like this (radiating gesture), in silence.
(A.R.:) Thank you.
(Mother gives a photo and A.R. leaves)
I don't know ... since the day before yesterday, when I saw him, the whole body has been very, very much shaken. I mean, difficult to eat, all kinds of things .... I feel it's an acceleration of the Work, but ... There's a strange (what should I call it?) ... fatigue. You see, I never used to use my head, it was always full of Light, and I could do anything without getting tired - but it's as if this Light within (Mother points to her head) had gone. So the head is painful. It's empty, it hurts. And ... I don't know ... maybe it's an acceleration <354> of the transformation - that's how I TAKE it, you understand - but it's difficult.
He speaks of it, too, he speaks of this transformation "from the tips of the toes to the roots of the hair," as he says, and he wants it to go fast.
Yes, it must be that.
(Mother goes into a meditation)
And how are you?
I am better now than before.
Ah, better ... It did you good?
To the body, yes. I don't know, when my body is near him, it's full of energy ... But this man is fine, Mother, isn't he?
I don't know how to put it .... My only contact with him is a receptivity: he takes and takes and takes, absorbs and absorbs and absorbs ....
But I don't at all feel that he draws anything from here (Mother points to her body or to herself), it's ... I might say there's the Presence (vast gesture everywhere), and so it's all the time like that. But what I am wondering about is why my body is in this state? ... I told you, I WANT to take it like that, as an acceleration of the work, and it seems to be true, but ... it's very difficult. You see, for months and months and months, the work never used to tire me; now, all of a sudden, I'll feel exhausted - the body It has difficulty eating, and a constant impression ... of nausea. At the same time, if I concentrate and am careful, I feel the Presence as usual. But as I said, all this (Mother points to her head) is empty - almost painfully empty.
Not at all, not at all the sensation of something that shouldn't be here or that I should reject - absolutely not. The consciousness is like this (immutable gesture). So I say to myself that it may be that instead of following this body's natural rhythm, the Movement is hastened. <355>
When I asked him your question, whether seeing you made a difference between before and after, he added this (with great simplicity, moreover): "It must make a difference for Mother too.
(after a silence)
I constantly feel nauseous, which points to the insufficiency of material forces.
But that's strange, because in my case, when my body is near him, it's full of energy.
Yes, that's right, and that's why I am asking you. So it would really be a hastening in the work of transformation.
To such a point that the first time, I had so much energy that I didn't sleep all night!
Yes ... I don't know ... it must be that.
(Mother remains "pensive") <356>

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