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18th of Feburuary,the day Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was born

It is she (India) who must send forth from herself, the future religion of the entire world, the Eternal religion which is to harmonize all religion, science and philosophies and make mankind one soul.....It was to initiate this great work, the greatest and most wonderful work ever given to a race, that Bhagwan Ramakrishna came and Vivekananda preached. (Sri Aurobindo, 1972, p. 66, italics mine)..source:kundan

“It was in May 1919. Punamchandbhai had visited Pondicheny and when he returned I asked him whether he had seen Sri Aurobindo’s room. I put to him several questions regarding the room. He said there were two rooms connected by a door. The inner room was his private room. In the front room there was an almirah and on it was placed a framed photo of Sri Ramakrishna in a dancing pose….
12 October – 26 November 1912 105
Oct. 18t.
“Cn.. R.K” [Communication from Ramakrishna]
Make complete sannyasa of Karma
Make complete sannyasa of thought
Make complete sannyasa of feeling
This is my last utterance.
Standing orders.
From Me. B.A.2
To believe everything, but put it in its place
To will everything, but only await the event&see where it has
To see everything, but force no drishti.
Oct.3 18t.
The manomaya activity has to be cleared out before the final
step is taken. Today the vijnana will recommence in the afternoon
and all the siddhis with it.
Positive Ananda in all things has to be made habitual. From
today it will be made complete and extended to the body, but
attacks will continue to be made on it. The same with the removal
of the manomaya.
From tonight no covering is to be used for the body. *From
tomorrow walking in the sun will be steadily practised. This will
finish the suddhi, mukti & bhukti.
Hunger & thirst are now only survivals, not imperative; they
can be removed by the use of the will instead of by eating.
Fulfilled except the prediction marked *
Then the siddhi. Today the shanti has been disturbed and the
shakti, because Mahakali had to draw back. From today this will be
prevented or, if it comes, resisted & expelled. From tomorrow the
third chatusthaya will begin to be absolutely final even in the siddhis
of power, but not perfect till the end of the month. From today

2 The significance of this abbreviation is not known. In the Record of 5 December
1912, these same “standing orders” are said to be from “the guiding source”. Ed.
3 Date repeated in MS. Ed.

the physical siddhi will begin to be effective in all its parts. From
today the fifth chatusthaya will begin to move towards general
progressiveness even in karma & kama.

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