Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vivekananda's Trikaldrishti On Sri Aurobindo?

Disciple: I hear that there is a file of unpublished letters by Vivekananda, in one of which he says: “The time has now come to follow Aurobindo Ghose.” Because of this it seems the Ramakrishna
Mission keeps always an interested eye on what is going
on in Pondy. Do you know anything of that reference by
Vivekananda and in what connection it was made?

Sri Aurobindo:Where on earth is this extraordinary file? How could Vivekananda know anything about me? Trikaldrishti? 5 July 1937
Disciple:God knows where that extraordinary file of Vivekananda’s
letters is. I got news of it from X who heard about it from a
man of the Ramakrishna Mission who came here.

Sri Aurobindo:What I want to know is when did Vivekananda write that or what led him to take notice of me. I no longer remember when he left his body, but my impression is that it was when I was a blissfully obscure Professor of Baroda College and neither in politics nor Yoga had put on the tedious burden of fame. Why then should Vivekananda say anything about me at all, much

less a thing like that—unless it was as the trikaldarshi Yogi that he spoke? 7 July 1937

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